Hillary Clinton

Coining the Term, Free Love


We reminded everyone yesterday that long before Hillary Clinton, it was trailblazing sexual freedom advocate Victoria Woodhull who was the first woman to run for the US Presidency. That was in 1872, nearly 50 years before women were allowed to vote in this country. Woodhull preached "free love" and was perhaps singularly responsible for coining the term. Almost 250 years ago, though, the terms, free love and sexual freedom, meant something very specific and vastly different that what they mean today. Woodhull's free love was about two things, only: A woman's right to choose a husband; and her right to divorce her husband. Sit in the space ...

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Victoria Woodhull was the first woman nominated to be US President

Victoria Woodhull

This very day, Hillary Clinton will become the first woman nominated to be US President (by a major party). So this is a very appropriate time to remind everyone of her predecessor, Victoria Woodhull. Woodhull's storied career, public service, and style of activism have always been near and dear to VenusPlusX especially because she was a sex futurist of unparalleled accomplishment. Unconventional even among the suffragettes she led, Woodhull was nominated by the Equal Rights Party in 1872. As soon as that happened she was excoriated in the press for colorful past and her belief in free love. Two hundred years ago (and ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Criticizing Moves Like That

(También en Español) BREAKING NEWS? Abstinence-only education is a failure and causes huge problems. Every society suffers without health and sex education, including the safety of contraceptives. We also have to cope with our "politicians" often counter-productive actions. When do you think sex education should begin for children? what age? at home or from friends or at school? (Only after marriage??) How can sex education and age of consent vary so widely state to state? where the trail of abstinence only sex ed leaves a trail of higher unwanted pregnancies at earlier and earlier ages? What's your experience holding elected and appointed accountable? Should we ...

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