The Sexual Freedom Project: You Need To Explore

As someone new to VenusPlusX, I'm offering my thoughts on some of the media I have seen here so far, wondering if new readers relate to my views. In this video, Scheyla raises an important point -- exploration. In a world where some are eager to pass judgment on others (sometimes for political gain) regarding sexual preference, it remains important for people to explore and discover sexuality for themselves. It is our responsibility as individuals to pursue our own forms of happiness, ignoring false judgments that may come from others.  Be your own judge, and seize sexual freedom for yourself. What do ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: A Personal Awakening

David Castillo writing for Bilerico talks about his realization that he was playing a part in repressing his own sexual freedom. It's true, self-discovery never ends, there is always something new and wonderful on the horizon. Freeing Myself from Sexual Regression  Those moments when we realize that we are always learning are the most humbling and most important for me. I've been out of the closet since I was 22 and it's safe to say that I'm very secure in my identity and very open-minded about sexuality, which I have explored ad nauseum. I have ...

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