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Major Transhumanist Event in Second Life—July 20


JULY 20, 2012           1PM – 4PM EDT

This year’s workshop theme:


WHAT: The workshop is an exchange of scholarly views regarding the varied applications to life- saving nanotechnologies, including the impact of its use on others, the accessibility of it to all, and independent means of monitoring its compliance with widely agreed-upon norms. WHEN: On the 43rd anniversary of the first lunar launch, July 20, 2012, 1PM - 4PM EDT. WHERE: Terasem Island Conference Center in Second Life (coordinates: 129.195.34). The workshop proceedings are ...

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Avatars in Second Life?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español You can refer back to our last post talking about Krishnamurti as an example of two concepts of avatar as they played out in the life of one person. Initially, Krishna was publicly identified as an avatar representing a fixed system of belief, Theosophy. When he renounced this role that he had been thrust into, his willingness to sacrifice the false social foundation of his life to honor the truth he found in his own mind made him into an avatar of the ...

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Get a Second Life

Have you ever dreamed of flying naked high above a city? Or making love to an eight-foot-tall humanoid? If you've netflixed James Cameron's Avatar some lonely weekday night in the past few months, chances are you have. Imagine and experience a virtual reality where you are free to privately and anonymously explore your sexuality and gender, to understand all the possibilities without any judgment, limitations, or consequences. On Friday and Saturday, February 4 and 5, 2011, at The Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis, is sponsoring a 90-minute workshop and two noontime demonstrations all about the alternate universe of Second Life, ...

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