The Big Lie: The Annual National Prayer Breakfast (Part 1 of 2)

[Following the Breakfast itself] some stay on for days of seminars organized around Christ’s messages for particular industries
. . . for executives in oil, defense, insurance, and banking.
— from The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (2009) by Jeff Sharlet (emphasis mine)

Oh, the National Prayer Breakfast (NPB), are you ready for my exposé?

by Brett Flickr/creative commons

by Brett
Flickr/creative commons

Readers, did you know that the NPB is not a government sponsored event nor has it ever been in its 70+-year history? Did you know the rogue diplomacy practiced there has long been the bane of the U.S. Justice Department? And, although it is nominally “hosted by members of the U.S. Congress,” did you know those lawmakers do so because of their allegiance to a large, secretive christianist cult called The Family that drives the political religious right in this country? An allegiance that supersedes and nullifies any oaths of office they took upon entering public service, and took under false pretenses?

The Family, which has more than 10,000 cells world wide in practically every country, adheres strictly to the political and religious philosophy of Dominionism, calling for the end of our rule of law and democracy and the ascendancy of their version of god’s law. Our Constitution and all of their false oaths of office are mere stepping stones to achieve their ultimate goal. Together, they have co-opted offices of public trust to insure their success. As we can all see, the road ahead is filled with even more science-denying and rights-infinging laws meant to disenfranchise women, the poor, people of color, immigrants, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans folk, the voiceless, and Mother Earth herself.

We have uncovered a way to #VoteOutTheReligiousRight, en masse, very soon, but more about that in Part 2 on the NPB, tomorrow. (Hint: it has to do, not with religion, but a paper trail of ethical and financial misconduct — the wholesale misuse of taxpayers’ dollars.)

Keep in mind both the political and the religious nature of The Family’s purpose to truly understand what the NPB is.

But wait. The NPB has the word, prayer in it . . .

Who wants to detract from anything that has to do prayer? of Jesus? or God, with a capital G?

No one, of course.

And no one, myself included, would ever deny any person their personal religious beliefs. Believers and non-believers alike say, “Have your religion — but have it to yourself.” Religion and spirituality are so very private, you might suggest that there as many religions in this world as there are people.

BUT, we are otherwise within our rights, under the U.S. Constitution, especially the church-state separation it provides, to assure our government and its elected and appointed officials remain free from any religion. Just as important, they must not hold to any allegiance that aims to destroy the rule of law for the benefit of a relative few.

We demand all legislation and judicial decisions be squeaky clean in that they are free from any religious consideration, even though as citizens we have fallen down on the job until now. We have not been engaged, voting, or vigilant enough to prevent this shameful corruption. Perhaps we have had to wait (or procrastinate) until the stakes became this high.

This cult, The Family, is the owner, operator, and producer of the annual Nation Prayer Breakfast, as it has for the last 7 decades. Your taxpayer dollars support sitting congressmen, judges, and cabinet staffs who are members, first, of The Family. They have infiltrated every corner of our government in pursuit of their “christian sharia.”

And, here’s the big lie: the National Prayer Breakfast is has an parallel purpose far beyond “muffins and prayer.” It functions as a cover-up of its profit-motivated, rogue diplomacy, which takes place the whole year round, much of it in the people’s government offices. The political religious right in this country and all the invited foreign dignitaries, despots, military leaders, and murdering dictators arrive at the annual NPB ready to do business. They are organized international profiteers under the guise of “Jesus.” They are organized crime, and we can prove it.


More on the NPB and The Family tomorrow. In the meantime, here is an index to the last 24+ posts on The Family and the political religious right, for your use. Comments and participation are equally craved.




Alison Gardner