The Errant Children of the Political Religious Right

by Mindaugas Danys Flickr/creative commons

by Mindaugas Danys
Flickr/creative commons

You don’t need a degree in psychology to dissect the blatant immaturity of the political religious right. If we can separate for a moment the social damage they do, we can see, much like a parent would see, that their insufferability is a child’s call for help.

As a group, they remind me of the first time Dan Massey and I left our then 2-year old son with friends of ours who had come over for some reciprocal date night babysitting. The minute we returned, our little boy went to several different electrical outlets, just pointing, as if to say, see, you weren’t here for me and I have could have stuck my fingers in any one of these sockets (something we apparently had been pretty successful in teaching him not to do). My point is that if you listen to the rhetoric and the crazy accusations these jokers spout, you can hear their childishness.

The perfect storm working against the political religious right is their willful anti-intellectualism, choosing emotion over ideas; their christianist education as young children filled with inaccuracies of how the world works; and, a general laziness, or lack of curiosity, for learning new things.

Take for example, their reaction to marriage equality. Finally, they have the issue they think will prove a secret war on christianity. But here is where we, as their parents in this situation, see their internal intellectual struggle, their childish denial of facts and the relationships between facts, most starkly.

Like the lexicography of religious freedom versus religious liberty, illustrating the big difference between the two, we can make distinctions of words, here between christians and christianists. Christians, the ones in the pews, are people who follow the teachings of Jesus, no matter how variable that may look like from the outside. They want to become little Jesuses and do good and spread mercy upon their fellows. Christianists, on the other hand, are opportunists who masquerade as believers. These operators are in the exploitation business, profiteering, whether power, influence, or money.

Christianists are everywhere. Most people hardly take notice of the many big and little preachers who violate the trust of both congregations and the public by entwining their childish personal wishes and fears with versus of their shared text. The political religious right does the same thing.

This is especially evident in the structure and expression of the big, dominionist cult called The Family (aka The Fellowship) which this series of posts has been examining closely. The Family is a secretive organization which has permeated every branch and department of our government, and, with more than 10,000 cells worldwide, the governments of practically every country. The political and religious philosophy directing The Family (and other dominionist cults like the Duggar’s Quivverful) is bringing about the end of the rule of law to be replaced by (their version of) god’s — it is at once childishly simplistic and deeply damaging to our democracy since its aim is to destroy the very freedoms they pretend to uphold.

Right now I am in Phoenix at Netroots Nation (#NN15) recruiting more people interested in stopping the religious right’s erasure of church-state separation. Follow our live tweets, and contact me if you want to participate in our campaigns to #DrawTheLine and #VoteOutTheReligiousRight. Your country will thank you!




Alison Gardner