The Implosion WILL Be Televised

The very depravity of what’s now pouring from their mouths is doing all the work for us.

Back from traveling, I am fully enjoying how US Republicans have answered my prayers, and then some. The self-immolation of their influence occurs hourly now, and I’ve got the marshmallows.

The long-ago right wing has been completely co-opted by the political religious right. These fake christianist profiteers want to destroy our democracy to speed their promised white, male christian sharia. They are motivated by greed, not faith, to protect the fortunes of an entitled elite. They relish the idea of constitutional crises and want their side to be armed to protect their right to dismantle our rule of law, brick by brick or by force.

by KAZ Vorpal Flickr/creative commons

by KAZ Vorpal
Flickr/creative commons

They forgot one thing: motivation is everything. And motivation is revelatory. In the cosmic ecology of ideas, their goals have no legs, no survival value, and no grounding in reality. With nothing to invest, their inhumane actions by nature are relatively quick to be stripped naked. Yet even I have whiplash as these jokers bring their whole absurd mess down around themselves, like the cranky toddlers they are.

This summer I was writing and speaking on #VoteOutTheReligiousRight, including 40 posts in about the same number of days. Just a few months ago, I couldn’t have predicted how much this process would speed up.

My posts focused on the religious right’s financial misconduct and fraud, and how that evidence should be used to rid our government of the worst examples. Not only did I point to this evidence, I offered that US history has already shown that it can send more than 70% House incumbents home in one election cycle just as was done in 1816, also because of a conflict of interest (ignoring starving New Englanders while raising their salaries). And to top it all off, I put sunlight on a huge, secretive christianist (dominionist) cult (The Family aka The Fellowship) that has infiltrated every branch of government, and governments across the world, and functions as a criminal financial underground all paid for by you, the taxpayer.

All that aside, the very depravity of what’s now pouring from their mouths is doing all the work for us. So I will be pivoting to all the good things upon us as the Republican Party dissolves and is replaced with something to the left of Democrats, such as the Green Party.

It’s okay to smile.

Stay tuned.


Alison Gardner