The Insanity of the Religious Right

“Religious liberty – the right to worship freely, and safely – is evidence of a thriving democracy. Roof threatened that because he first threatened the equal rights of black Americans. It’s not the other way around.”
Detached From Reality, Religious Right Claims Charleston Massacre is Proof of Anti-Christian Bias (Sarah Jones, Americans United for Separation of Church and State)

We always have to tip our hat to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State ( in hitting the nail on the head. And thank authors such as Jeff Sharlet, and others, who have written about our rising U.S. theocracy, helping to expose the dangers of the religious right, American fundamentalists, what I call the cult of Dominionism. Most people are still strangely unaware of the depth of their organizations, these religious-political cults, and exactly why they have become such a menace to our U.S Constitution.

American fundamentalists  have been poisoning our culture since the 1600s. Their actions spring entirely from the political and religious philosophy of Dominionism. Today, they are very sophisticated in working through our government to achieve their goal of a christian nation, ending our rule of law and replacing it with (their skewered version of) god’s law as this philosophy dictates. Our democratic system is viewed then as a stepping stone to succeed in their (self-appointed) holy mission.

We have no quarrel with the religious beliefs of any individual, or group, or cult. What we demand though is that lawmakers, judges, attorneys, and everyone else serving in government abide by their oaths in upholding our Constitution and all the provisions therein. They can’t cross their fingers behind their backs when they take these oaths, or misuse taxpayer money to carry forth their superseding objective.

You and I have allowed this wholesale theft of church-state-separation. We must take responsibility for letting it get this far, and then do what is in our power to do. We can rid America of GOP gerrymandering, denial of climate science, dismissal of human and equality rights, voter suppression, etc., all necessary for them to achieve their perceived divine destiny and make a lot of money getting there. We CAN can stop them.

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The recent Charleston Massacre by a young white supremacist last week may finally be what it takes to  raise the curtain completely and show more Americans how the religious right is the champion of white supremacy and so much else that is hurting us. As a group, they appear apoplexic at this point, their voluntary stupidity just flowing filter-free out their mouths. They are actively lusting for civil war.

Jones’s post is worth a full read. She cites the waterfall of disingenuous right-wing commentary since Roof gunned down 9 people, such as wacky FOX host Steve Docey and presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, concluding . . .

“[And] it is the height of political cynicism to regard Roof, with his apartheid flags and his racist jokes and his talk of race war, and claim that really he just hated Christians. This tragedy should have nothing to do with the Religious Right. It should be a non-partisan, non-sectarian moment of grief. But they’ve oriented it about themselves, stepping over the bodies of Roof’s victims to advance an agenda that is completely detached from reality.

We need to tell the truth about why Roof did what he did. We owe his victims that much. And so does the Religious Right.”

Telling the truth is what we aim to do in calling for the resignations of radical right-wing incumbents because of their obvious conflict of interest and misuse of public funds to conduct the business interests of their religious-political cults. A loud chorus of individuals, not just activists, are needed. We crave your participation.

We are not stopping our continuing series on the dominionist cults that are the progenitors and engine of the religious right. Further, we’re naming names and developing targets. We hope to use lawsuits and all means of non-violent civil disobedience to permanently disqualify from public service dozens of incumbents and more than half of the GOP presidential candidates for 2016.

Netroots Nation 2016 in Phoenix next month will be the first time a national coalition of organizations and activists will meet face-to-face to engineer this en masse upset. Contact us offline if you are interested in this gathering or other meet-ups online (


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Alison Gardner