The Religious Right’s Last Stand

Editorial Cartoon by Joe Wolf Flickr/creative commons

Editorial Cartoon by Joe Wolf
Flickr/creative commons

Back now from a few days meditation on the shifting political sands brought about by recent Supreme Court rulings (healthcaremarriage, and against gerrymandering) and other intersecting events, such as  President Obama’s Eulogy for Clementa Pickney. I’ve been soaking in all that has been written about this extraordinary week and how it relates to the future fortunes of the religious right.

You can catch up with the last few weeks of my posts which have focused exclusively on the religious right, and in particular the dominionist, political-religious philosophy that is operating behind the scenes and driving GOP candidates and incumbents and certain Supreme Court Justices. The Family (or The Fellowship) is by far the largest and most secretive to members of this religious cult, and they have permeated every aspect of American government and infiltrated many, many foreign countries in the last 70+ years.

The Family is outwardly christianist, but it is a private prosperity club more akin to organized crime. Members don’t have to be christian as long as they bring substantial political and business connections. The Family holds so-called prayer meetings all over Washington, DC, which are entirely about business and making money for Family members, including the annual National Prayer Breakfast which masquerades as an official government event the State Department constantly has to refute.

If you are not already familiar with the two definitive, investigative books by Jeff Sharlet, I suggest you read them as soon as possible. They are:  The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (2009); and C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy .

Soon after C Street was published, Sharlet, Rachel Maddow, CREW (Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), and a bunch of activists I was a part of (who were protesting The Family’s direct involvement in Uganda’s “Kill-the-Gays” Bill) were shocked that his books didn’t draw the expected outrage and media frenzy they deserved. Now that the stakes in 2016 have never been higher, the importance of these books cannot be understated because they hold the key to sending home GOP incumbents, disqualifying most of the GOP candidates, and impeaching Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Alito.

In Sharlet’s investigation of The Family, he uncovered a virtual goldmine of evidence implicating dozens, if not hundreds, of members of the the religious right, all of whom subscribe to domininionism, a paper trail of financial and ethical misconduct and violations of their sworn oaths to uphold the US Constitution. Their supreme oaths is about only one goal: to bring about god’s law, rather their subjective version of god’s law, and to rid our world of democracy and church-state separation in order to achieve it.

Scalia puts it this way: “I think the main fight is to dissuade Americans from what the secularists are trying to persuade them to be true: that the separation of church and state means that the government cannot favor religion over nonreligion.”

Does it sound ridiculous to you that we have within our power to send home 70% of Republican House in 18 months? Well, that was done once before, in 1816, as I’ve been pointing out, and it can and should happen again practically 2o0 years later to the day.

Other media and activists are into this next phase of ushering in the end of the GOP — a few samplings from just the last few days:

5 Great Examples Proving GOP Presidential Candidates Don’t Understand Our Constitution (forward

“. . . Republicans, especially those running for president, seem to proudly show off the fact that they don’t understand how our Constitution works. . . telling state lawmakers to ignore the Supreme Court when it comes to same-sex marriage. Not only is that extremely illegal, but it opens these states up to massive lawsuits that they’re going to lose in a landslide because these lower courts are bound by law to uphold the rulings of the Supreme Court.”

Richard Cohen Op-Ed: Republicanism Is Dead. Maybe (

“The party’s other recent difficulty is being on the wrong side of just about every social issue you can think of . . . Republican after Republican

stepped forward to denounce the [marriage] decision and prattle on about what God intended — as if any of them know.”

ACLU Sues Bobby Jindal (

“Two civil rights groups and six individuals are suing the Governor of Louisiana over his unconstitutional executive order “protecting” Christians from same-sex marriage.”

Conservatives Explain Why They Lost On Marriage (

Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission: ” . . . one of the movement’s main mistakes in the gay marriage fight was assuming traditionalists would always have public opinion on their side.”

It’s time to mobilize. There is a movement of people are primed to make this happen. Will you be part of it?



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Alison Gardner