The Rhetoric of American Fundamentalism Fuels White Supremacy

“We will not be turned around by the religion of hatred, bigotry, and bias.”
Cornell William Brooks, NAACP National President, today

 “We need to look at our country’s original sin. Our founding fathers were liberators from the crown but they didn’t liberate black folks.”
— Radio Host, Peter Dominick

by Martin Prochnik Flickr/creative commons

by Martin Prochnik
Flickr/creative commons

Heinous acts such as what transpired this week in Charleston, South Carolina, underscore the role christian fundamentalism plays in the culture of white supremacy.

Although there are some non-white fundamentalists, it is their white counterparts, the majority, who are primarily engaged in manipulating politics, here and abroad, to replace the rule of law with (their skewered version of) god’s law. They have been at it since the first Puritans arrived in North America, and now infect every corner of our government.

Every black child that has ever been born in this country drops into a culture of white supremacy, identified even before birth as less than. Because American Fundamentalism, or Dominionism, demands that everyone is personally responsible for every bad thing that happens to them, it will always be your fault, your shortcoming, that is to blame.

Flickr/creative commons South Carolina State Capitol, today

Flickr/creative commons
South Carolina State Capitol, today

There is a lot of talk about ending racism, but racism is the just a symptom of white supremacy, a form of mental and spiritual dysfunction that causes terrorism against black people, from the small everyday transgressions to headline-making acts of terrorism.

The rhetoric of politicians who align with Dominionism, and there are hundreds, feed white supremacy, overtly and covertly. They must be stopped, so we are asking if you are ready to embark upon a campaign in the next 15 months to disqualify from public service dozens of current American legislators, and even impeach a few Supreme Court justices, who are secretly aligned with one or more dominionist cults?

To every lawmaker proposing religiously-biased laws against workers, women, the poor, people of color, LGBT people, etc., or who blocks science, first must answer which of their oaths motivates them: (their skewered version of) god’s law or their oath to uphold our Constitution and our laws? Both oaths cannot coexist simultaneously because the former, religious allegiance, by its nature is always at the expense of rights guaranteed in the latter.

We actually have within our power a way to force their resignations, en masse (see 1816 for the precedent), and prevent dominionist candidates from ever holding elected office.

Our series on dominionist politicians, the cause of so much pain and suffering, continues tomorrow and beyond. As always, we await your comments and, more important, your participation.


This series about Dominionism and The Family, the largest and most dangerous of American dominionist cults, is a combination of direct experience and opinion-editorials for fair use/educational purposes. Again, I am not here to condemn any individual’s religious beliefs but I demand that they obey the law and respect our guaranteed right to live in a country where church and state are separate.


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