The Sexual Freedom Project: Gender Doesn’t Exist

(También en Español)

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You might be surprised by Mariana when she talks about her Catholic father’s approach to her sexuality and sex education, and how the result has been that she is generally more responsible than her peers. You will agree how cool it has been for her to receive her Dad’s trust and guidance in place of absolutes or prohibitions. She also recalls being 8 years old and thinking she wanted to be a boy, just because life seemed so much easier, but as an adult those gender differences have practically faded?

Parent or child, what do you think are the best ways young people can be guided. Does gender still exist for you? Can you imaging a gender-free future?

Send us your thoughts — and we’ll give you a t-shirt for sharing them with us! A short video, an essay or a poem, or even an image or original artwork you think sends the right message.

Video by Tiye Massey.

TRANSCRIPT by David Kreps

We’re Catholic, but my dad, he’s really open-minded. Since I [was] like sixteen, he told me, “You know Mariana? You have to… If you have sex, please wear a condom. You can do whatever you want, but use it.” So, (laughs) that’s why I’m so ‘responsible’ in some ways, and I didn’t get pregnant like a lot of my friends did. It’s cool, it’s cool to have this type of education. They don’t prohibit…

I have to say, since I [was] like eight years old,  I wanted to be a guy, to be honest. Because for me it was so much easier, you know, like to be a guy than a girl. But then, you know, nowadays, you can be, you can do a lot of things as guys do, and also, guys do a lot of things that girls do. So for me, I don’t know, gender doesn’t exist that much anymore.