The Sexual Freedom Project: Stop Genital Mutilation

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In light of Kwani’s 3-part series on male genital mutilation (circumcision), we are revisiting this particular Sexual Freedom Project video to keep this important conversation going.

Have you made the connection between male and female genital mutilation and the issue of sexual freedom?

How about forced sexual reassignment surgery practiced on intersex infants?

Let us know what you think. Make a video, write a poem, song, or an essay — or even create an original work of art — and express your thoughts on these topics. If we feature your contribution on the site, we will send you a free VenusPlusX t-shirt to thank you.

Video by Tiye Massey.

TRANSCRIPT by David Kreps

So recently I’ve heard a lot about female genital mutilation going on in certain parts of the world. It seems to me that if we’re to respect sexual freedom, that has to be a practice that we criticize first. Uh, that seems kind of beyond the pale. A real slap in the face to human rights.

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