This Is How We Do It!

by Sean MacEntee Flickr/creativecommons

by Sean MacEntee

Progress is a creative act, the ability to transform our selves and our world by adapting to better ways of doing things. Progress is always active and is often upstepped under certain positive circumstances. (For more, see our Manifesto.)

It’s nice to wake up on a day with a trifecta of good news, forward movement in bringing about the better world we can all envision.

  1. The US Supreme Court struck down needless, christianist-driven, anti-abortion restrictions on women’s reproductive rights in Texas, indicating that similar restrictions in other states are likewise unconstitutional.
  2. The high court also refused to ease bans on gun ownership for those convicted of domestic abuse, even those found guilty of a misdemeanor.
  3. And, for good measure, yesterday, Pope Francis called on Christians and the Roman Catholic Church to seek forgiveness from women and homosexuals for the way they had treated them.

So, take a breath, it’s a good day.

This Is How We Do It
This Is How We Do It
This is how we do it
La ra ra ra ra ra…

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