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This is a list of all the articles published to date under the general subject of Transgender Erotic Freedom. Many of these articles, as well as Philo’s Manifesto, from the novel Venus Plus X, are also available in Spanish translation, which can be reached by clicking on the adjacent link “Traducción al español”. A very brief capsule summary of the content of the article is provided.


Unity Without Uniformity
Introduces our most basic concepts.

We are all alike…
Introduces the realization that trans activism is the key to TLGB equality and broad social justice.

Join the Revolution
About our keynote presentation in conjunction Creating Change 2011

Kinky Twin Cities
Minneapolis turns out to be an extraordinary community for erotic expression.

What Kind of Nation is America?
Founded on Rosicrucian ideals, any relationship to Christianity is purely accidental.

Starting Out Young to Build the Temple
Even if you grew up in DeMolay or the Rainbow Girls, neither you nor the Masons you knew have any idea what the cult that founded our nation is really about—erotic magick.

How to Make Your Wishes Come True
Wishing for something during orgasm is the traditional way to try out magick. It works if you are wishing for the right kind of thing.

Your Destiny is Transgender
The universe is populated largely by transgender agencies. Our planetary human population is destined to evolve in this direction. Transgender phenomena are a sign of this penetration of physical life.

Introducing Columbia
Columbia is the traditional name given to the patron deity of the American continents. This deity is intersex, even in our own national history.

Columbia’s Basic Concepts
There are a few basic principles Columbia espouses. Applying these ideas leads to the insights we activate through VenusPlusX.

Meek, Arise! Defeat the Bullies!
Government, religion, and commerce, as practiced by humans today, give social privilege and economic dominance to violent, ignorant, and uncaring people—in short, bullies. The time is here for ALL BULLIES to get lost and leave the nice people alone.

Still a Virgin? Bi and Trans Can Help YOU!
The spectrum of bi and trans erotic behavior vastly expands the range of individual sex and gender consciousness. Gay or straight, you could be missing something that’s really gives a lot of joy.

Do You Believe in Fate? I Believe in Destiny!
Linear inference from fact alone cripples the human mind and spirit. The force of destiny bends the crude sequence of facts to follow the great stream of truth to a perfected finality.

What Kind of Trans Are You?
Explore how the emerging vision of the transhuman subsumes all other transitions from the merely human to realize profound personal values.

Can Atheism be True, Good, Beautiful, and Loving?
Some of the nicest people in the world are atheists. Some of the ugliest people in the world are devout followers of some human religion. Religious sentiments are no guarantee of loving, true, or good behavior.

Transhumans Have Pastfathers
Theology, history, and law are largely irrelevant to the New Age, since they are universally founded on the most extreme and violent erotic repression.

Can I Transition to be a Transhuman?
Although putting technology to work changing your body is Transhuman, the real key  to the transition to New Age citizenship is how you change your mind and motivations.

The Philosophy of Burning Books—Calling It Like It Is
Not all PhD’s know anything useful about their specialty. Many use their degree from the University of Fools to justify deceptive rants devoid of truth. There are many books that are only fit to be burned.

Where Did All This F*cking Evil Sh%t Come From?
Explains why the finite creation commonly attributed to an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent deity so comprehensively fails to be true, good, or beautiful.

Why the United States Government is Damaged Goods (Part 1 of 2)
Our nation is not and never has been a nice, honest, place run by generous and well-meaning people. A profound legacy of social disgrace taints every act of our national government.

Why the United States Government is Damaged Goods (Part 2 of 2)
The US constitution, an ill-conceived document at best, has produced a government that has systematically destroyed all the ideals of democracy and representative government citizens claim to hold dear. The end has come and gone, so only rot remains.

Transreligion—An Inspirational Framework for Transgender Transhumans
You can have a belief system that is vitally dynamic and leads to final perfection without the G-O-D word. You will be better off for it.

The Newseum—Vainglorious Journalism Leads to Triumphalist History
Journalism and history serve society poorly because they have been prostituted to serve the greed of special interests.

The Name is not the Thing and…
Names are arbitrary labels assigned to real things. They convey nothing factual about the thing.

…and The Model is Not the Action (Sex is not Gender)
Theories are at best crude descriptions applied to real events, occasions, and behaviors. They are inevitably wrong.

Transgender Transhumans!  Are you headed to Venus Plus X?
Theodore Sturgeon’s 1960 sci-fi novel anticipated a technologically transhuman and fully androgynous human species.

The Crowned and Conquering Child–Transhuman Lord of the New Age
Over 100 years ago, Aliester Crowley proclaimed the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. What is that really about?

Sex Futurism, Erotic Mysticism, and Transhuman Separatism
A broad view of some of the ideas that make VenusPlusX work.

Reproductive Sex Gets More Abnormal Every Day
Straight, gay, or trans—everybody does it and nobody wants to make babies, unless they really mean to.

What Happens When Atheists Pray?
The same thing that happens when anyone else looks for help beyond his own resources.

Why Has Everyone Lied to Me All My Life?
Whatever your parents, school, elders, society, and peer group told you was probably a lie somebody cooked up to put you down and try to control your life.

Time to Make Corporations into People? Give me a Break!
The Supreme Court and Mitt Romney think corporations are people, an idea known to be logically false for over 60 years.

Becoming and Being an Avatar—Choosing the Transhuman
What is a human avatar? Consider the story of Jiddu Krishnamurti, whose life encompassed several concepts.

Avatars in Second Life?
In SL every resident has an avatar to act for him. What is this like? What is possible?

Becoming and Being an Avatar—Attaining Self-Consciousness
The Kobold Wizard’s Dildo of Enlightenment confers self-consciousness on any D&D player who uses it.

Becoming and Being an Avatar—Uploading Salvation
Once you’ve used the Dildo of Enlightenment, what is your future?

Why Trans Life is a Necessary Cosmic Reality
Since the universe will be fully populated in realization of future perfection, continuation of self-conscious existence beyond physical death is necessary to provide that population.

What Is The Name of God?
Priests, magicians, and just about everybody else has sought to know the Name of God, an utterance fraught with the power to bend events to the exercise of will. The most accurate possible English language names of the Gods of the infinite and the finite are revealed.

What Is The Word of God?
The best human name of the finite God is Truth, and Truth best describes the Word to the extent any human language can. But Truth is an intergender concept that incorporates both upholding Love and empowerment of direct action to satisfy Love’s desires. The Word, Truth, directs the doing of all Good and the elaboration of all Beauty.

What Is The Kingdom of Heaven?
The product of understanding the Word at Truth is the ability to experience personally the “Kingdom of Heaven.” But the concept itself is not well understood in conventional spiritual understanding. The Kingdom of Heaven is the experience of salvation through Truth, not some distant future event.

Who Are You Calling an Anarchist?
The original philosophical concept of anarchism stands opposed to all forms of statism and defines an alternative paradigm for human social development, which is akin to the transhuman ideals of VenusPlusX. Although the word “anarchism” has been denigrated for some 200 years by statist politicians, journalists, and historians, none have honestly recognized the significance of this concept for the New Age.

Why Privileged Elites Cynically Oppose Erotic Freedom     
Erotic repression is exposed as the fundamental psychological violence universally employed by religions, governments, societies, and economies to  compel obedience to insane mythic systems that advantage only their cynical and unworthy proponents, to knowingly and deliberately block human progress in all matters of supreme value—living truth, doing good, making beauty, and satisfying the impulse of love.

Three Basic Ideas of VenusPlusX
Concepts fundamental to all of our work, help us understand and explain how humanity can escape from the constraints imposed by fear and ignorance that presently interfere with human progress

What Causes Terminal Transphobia?
A constellation of attributes, whittled down through the most extreme forms of social oppression, defines a community of individuals of truly awesome personal capabilities.

Religion: Real and Fake
Society suffers from a severe misunderstanding of the nature and role of religion.

Sacred Sex and Erotic Joy
The world’s secret history is strewn with tales of visionaries and pioneers who have advocated for the primacy of erotic joy in connecting each person with the universe at large and endowing each of us with supreme power to shape our own destiny (however that is defined by the individual).


Philo’s Manifesto by Theodore Sturgeon from Venus Plus X    
A prophetic vision of a fully transgender human society from 1960.

I Am an Intersex Bisexual Transgender and So Are You
Explains the relations among the dimensions of sex and gender expression. Introduces social affinity as a bridge concept to gender identity.

Why We Are All Transgender
Explains why everyone is actually transgender, although not everyone has yet explored the wonderful opportunities to embrace trans consciousness.

The New Age of Erotic Freedom—Part 1 of 2
Explains what is meant by “the dawning of the New Age.”

The New Age of Erotic Freedom—Part 2 of 2
Explains the true purpose of sex magick and the great work which it helps one to accomplish.

EqualiCon® Keynote Address
The speech that caused Equality Across America to demand that we no longer involve ourselves in their work, just before they disbanded, simplifying life for everyone.