Call for Justice

In 2006, I went to Congo and was fascinated to see observe what I had been taught in school about the eruption of volcano mountains.

People in this part of the country have been experiencing unending wars. Wars in and out, whether they are from within or out, or their own making or imposed on them. On top of the wars, then the eruption of the Virunga Mountains covering the whole city, ending in Lake Kivu. Luckily enough, people didn’t die because they were warned in advance but nothing of the property left behind was recovered.

The airport was very busy not with local passengers but the MONUC –United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The so-called peace keepers.

I still don’t understand the UN’s role, if it’s to protect citizens, why people are still dying in large numbers without anything being done. Why doesn’t the UN declare DRC a crisis area. People in this area have suffered for too long!

Much attention has been put on the Ivory Coast, North Africa, and the Middle East, crises that are just months old. The only thing they are good at is changing the mission’s name, which I think becomes more confusing to the local people. It’s now MONUSCO, United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Silence has killed people and it’s high time people stepped up — the media, the International community, every person. Listen to the outcry of the Congolese. Remember, their’s is one of the richest African Countries in minerals and natural resources, and war, famine, and poverty enable those in power who would exploit us and the others who stand by silently. Just my opinion.

Please take a look at this documentary for more.