Use your white skin to end racial violence and injustice


Photo by Michelle Robinson Flickr/creativecommons

Photo by Michelle Robinson

We don’t need sensational videotapes to remind us that every day in this country black people are being gunned down and murdered. White folks in general, either through antipathy or chronic disconnect, have dispensed with people of color. Through their inaction, they say it’s okay for black communities to devolve into armed neighborhoods and for cops to become street executioners with no accountability.

The only form of true privilege is when you give it to someone who has none. This is the motto we lived by. The rest is just bullshyte.

Just having white skin is a privilege. And, if you are economically secure, that is another privilege. It is likely you have used these privileges to insulate yourself from what is happening around you, and that is yet another privilege you exercise.

If you have white skin and are not working to end gun violence (including terrorism) through reconciliation with people of color, you need to be ashamed. You might as well just pull the trigger yourself, you are that culpable.

You know who you are. This is meant for you. Tell me what you are going to do tomorrow morning to make a difference.

It’s time to disrupt the system. White people, don’t sit on the sidelines.


Alison Gardner