VenusPlusX September Expansion Announced

Visitors! Let us know what you think of our expansion to fulfill VenusPlusX’s mission to help usher in “The New Age of Sexual Freedom” – a world free from the global culture of racial, sexual, and gender oppression and violence driven by governments, religions, commerce, and social customs

We aim to do that through multiple and international voices participating in our campaigns, initiatives, educational and advocacy programs, and grassroots organizing, all expanding this month with’s new utilities and capabilities.

We are especially proud of our new roster of Feature Editors, Guest Editors, and Guest Bloggers, such as…

  • Zain Rivzi, Adrianna Midama, and other international activists join Kushaba “Moses” Mworeko in widening response to the imprisonment, sexual mutilation, and murders of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, the severe curtailment of women’s rights, and the steady eradication of anyone who is HIV+ 100s of countries. And, keeping up-to-date a useful annotated bibliography as a resource to anyone who will get involved. Fundraising to support LGBT US asylum seekers is also on deck.
  • Dan Massey will continue to write on the broad topic of Transhuman Erotic Freedom, adding to his large archive developed over the last 6 months, with an annotated Table of Contents for your use. Prepare for The New Age of Sexual Freedom.
  • Jack Diehl will be giving us his wry take on his favorite news stories everyday. And be sure to check out our new Sexual Freedom Project: LilMike will bring us videos, poems, essays, artwork and other original submissions from readers on the topic of sexual freedom, or anything else that is covered by VenusPlusX. If your submission is featured on the site, we’ll send you a free VenusPlusX t-shirt for participating.

One of the good results of expanding our online presence, and the new staff to support all these editors, is that I will at last have the time to devote myself two subjects that tie in with all this.

For one, reporting out my research into self-styled American Fundamentalists groups (that include, sadly, current U.S. Senators and Representatives) involved today in exporting hate and homophobia in the name of religion to boost their own (and their associate’s) commercial interests. And it’s all courtesy of your tax dollars.

Second, my passion, is bringing to life the real victims of sexually-motivated violence against women and people who are LGBT, and honoring their sacrifice by putting grassroots “boots on the ground” to bring public and media attention around concerns and demands for immediate relief from police bias, full federal equality rights, and the passage and enforcement of trans-inclusive legislation throughout the United States.

We hope you will find our new features and expanded utilities both interesting and enticing, To help expand our reach, please Like us on Facebook, Like-Favorite-Comment-Subscribe to our YouTube videos, follow us on Twitter, and email your uncensored comments to us at