VenusPlusX Is A Conversation

Columbia, seen here in the Statue of Freedom atop the US Capital, is Venusplusx' muse

Columbia, seen here in the Statue of Freedom atop the US Capital, is Venusplusx’ muse

Dan Massey and I founded VenusPlusX in January 2011. Since then we were often asked, “Which one is X?” to which we answered, jokingly, “it’s not polite to ask.” We were and are as one in our commitment to make a better world.

Our inspiration for the name, VenusPlusX, was a 1960 sci-fi book, Venus Plus X, which is about a gender-neutral future society.

Sexual freedom is our theme, specifically A New Age of Sexual Freedom, because it comprises ultimate freedom, the final freedom that will be acknowledged, and the only one that can ensure all preceding freedoms. Full sexual freedom signifies that all other human rights are already being fully enjoyed. When we live in a world where each child is born into a culture of mutual cooperation — with all human rights intact, including the freedom of desire and the freedom to choose one’s own sexual orientation and gender expression — we will have achieved personal sovereignty and agency over our own bodies. That is the full flowering of the new age of sexual freedom.

In relaunching this website in May of 2014 following Dan’s unexpected departure for higher spheres, I presented these ideas in the form of a sexual freedom manifesto. Staying grounded in and informed by grassroots activism, we advocate for a better world, understanding that humanity marches toward civilization and progress by sloughing off old, inhumane, and coercive systems while actively encouraging existing and many new voluntary associations that are humane, uplift all people, and help everyone discover their destiny.

Since writing the manifesto, I have concentrated on highlighting the coercive and damaging systems that simply must go because they are impinging on that better future, holding us back from enjoying it; and at the same time examining trends that are truly transformative. The platforms for this work are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ where we publish all day long, as well as in posts on this website each week.

I welcome you to read the Sexual Freedom Manifesto, follow me on social media, and become a part of this conversation.






Alison Gardner