Vote Out The Religious Right

Screen shot from video below

Screen shot from video below

Al Capone didn’t go to prison for murder, extortion, or bootlegging. He was sent away for not paying taxes.

Likewise, we have at hand a way to eradicate the political religious right, get them out of our government, based on a too-long-ignored paper trail of their ethical and financial misconduct. We just have to be willing to get up and do it.

During this month-long series on the religious right, I have exposed the large and secretive christianist cult that drives members of the religious right’s science-denying, constitution-free, punishing laws and judicial decisions. It’s called The Family (aka The Fellowship) and it adheres strictly to the political and religious philosophy of Dominionism. Family members who hold office in our government are a clear threat to our democracy because Dominionism calls for nothing short of the end of rule of law and the ascendancy of god’s law (at least their skewered version of that).

Allegiance to The Family (or other dominionist cults) supersedes and nullifies any sworn oaths all of these people took upon entering public service. They take these oaths under false pretenses for only one purpose: to destroy the freedoms, they deceitfully claim to uphold, in order to fulfill their ultimate religious purpose. For them, our constitution is a mere stepping stone towards that end.

A few years ago, Jeff Sharlet published two definitive, insider, investigative books (The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power and C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy). Based on the damning information in these books, we worked with a group of activists using non-violent civil disobedience (in front of one of The Family’s properties, the Washington, DC, the sex-scandal-plagued C Street mansion, and at The Family’s one public event, the National Prayer Breakfast) to protest The Family’s direct involvement in fomenting hatred of homosexuals in Uganda and crafting the country’s terrible “Kill The Gays” Bill.  GOP Family members were living at C Street for free or at grossly reduced rates, an indisputable gift they failed to disclose as they are required by law to do.

Rachel Maddow was, and still is, the only one in the media to have covered Sharlet and the explosive content in his books. She even covered our little protests. IRS investigations were demanded to revoke the organization’s non-profit status, without success. CREW (Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington) launched an ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit over the financial misconduct involving the C Street operation.

Subsequently, The Family did raise the rents but that problem pales in comparison to their larger schemes to profit financially in many countries abroad. Towards that end, The C Street mansion was and is used routinely for diplomatic meetings with no oversight by our State Department. The National Prayer Breakfast is also the bane of the State Department because members of Congress invite foreign dignitaries, members or soon-to-be members of the Family, who naturally believe, are led to believe, they are participating in an official U.S. government event which it definitely not what it is.

This video below in particular gives insight to the nefarious dealings of The Family.

I am hoping to make contact next week at Netroots Nation and Netroots Connect with other activists interested in going for them again by launching a national campaign that will finally expose the evidence of political misconduct to permanently disquality from pubic service and vote out sitting members of The Family, including most of the GOP presidential primary hopefuls, by 2016.

We once sent home 70% of House incumbents in 1816 (that’s 128 of its 183 members at the time). If we shoot for even less than that, say 30%, of the current House, that would still be around the same number.

Isn’t time to make a list of targets?

Please comment here or contact me if you want to participate. For more . . .



Alison Gardner