by Rachel Titiriga

by Rachel Titiriga (Flickr/creativecommons)


Will you help #VoteOutTheReligious Right? As we fight for human rights, environment, and safe immigration, we have at hand a way to remove a large body of the political opposition.

The underlying religious cults and alliances of the political religious right are, or should be, crystal clear most people by now. Their adherents no longer say or do anything to hide it, frequently demonstrating that their religious alliances supersede, actually nullify, all of the oaths of office they made upon entering public life. As Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently reminded us, “I think the main fight is to dissuade Americans from what the secularists are trying to persuade them to be true: that the separation of church and state means that the government cannot favor religion over non religion.”

Its not just secularists that want separation of church and state, it’s a lot of people, including the majority of religious believers in this country who want nothing to do with “christian sharia.”

As my just concluding, month-long series has exposed it isn’t their religious beliefs or affiliations that disqualify them from public service — although they could. It’s not even because most adhere to secretive, American fundamentalist/dominionist cults, the largest being the The Family which is deeply embedded (and meeting on the taxpayers’ dime), every day in every branch and department of the the government — although this alone should be enough to disqualify them from public service. And, it’s not even because the of their dominionist political and religious philosophy that calls for the end of our rule of law to be replaced by (their version of) god’s law — although that sounds like sedition.

Instead it is because we have in our grasp, a paper trail of ethical and financial violations, as they’ve carried out the parallel profiteering motivation of dominionist cults, in particular The Family and its democracy-shattering imperative.

Will you help build and join a network of organizers and campaign wizards willing to labor over the forensic research and develop targets, messaging and friendly media, and all the other things that go into successful campaigns?

Early targets include such people as Senators Jim Inhofe and Chuck Grassley, and John Thune, and, for impeachment, Samuel Alito, and dozens of House Representatives member who have virtually reversed progress in this country because of their superior loyalty to a cult that wishes the end of our rule of law, stealing your tax dollars in the process.

In 1816, almost 200 years to the day, the American people voted out a full 70% of House incumbents (at the time 124 of the 183) because it was so badly misleading our country, the largest purge of Congress in history.

Let’s have our own purge on November 8, 2016, because no matter what our favorite cause is, we will greatly upstep our progress by removing from public service the component members of this large, hyper-religious Elephant in the room, in this election cycle.


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