Weekend Convo: Intersex and Trans Children Counter Transmisogyny

Misogyny is the objectification, discrimination, and violence and murder against women. Transmisogyny is a particularly virulent type of misogyny that is directed solely at girls and women who currently identify or previously identified as trans.

By Liz Henry Third Grade Transgender Book Flickr/creative commons

Photo by Liz Henry
Third Grade Transgender Book
Flickr/creative commons

There are two realities that will, over time, undermine this behavior but that will not, sadly, be soon enough to stem the rising tide of violence and murder of trans women, especially among people of color. These two realities will eventually help dismantle transmisogyny even though it is entirely about the misogynist’s emotional, irrational reaction to their own deep-seated fears and sexual insecurity. Because transmisogyny has no intellectual basis, it cannot be talked away, but these two factors are slowly but steadily destroying the structure of the concept itself, and offer today’s trans activists an important educational tool to advocate for better human rights protections.

These factors are: (1) the not rare occurrence of intersex babies, almost all forced by the medical establishment into sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) before their age of consent; and (2) the increased freedom and visibility being accorded to trans-identifying young children. The tragedy of SRS at birth has been hidden from the public even as more parents each year wisely choose to forestall life-changing surgery until their child’s educated consent.

Increased visibility of intersex and trans children and adults are teaching (demonstrating) the fallibility of the gender construct, and win more advocates in the ongoing fight against transmisogyny specifically and misogyny generally. The last people holding fast to the objectification, discrimination, and violence against women and trans women will be those that identify as hyper-feminine and hype-masculine (because of the above noted personal fears and sexual insecurity). Intersex births and trans-identifying children will cause these slow adopters to become more and more isolated and ridiculed by an increasingly sane public at large.

My identification with the trans community started almost 60 years ago. As a pre-teen the draw of androgyny and omnisexuality (as in I love everybody and you’re next) was already enlivening me. It was a state of mind that was energizing, creative, and liberating. I didn’t have words then but today it’s known as a gender-queer identity.

To this day, people on the phone and sometimes in person mistake me for a man but I’m able to revel in it because I have enjoyed white privilege, a husband, and an outwardly conventional life. I still have laid my life down to advance rights and protections for trans and gender non-conforming people, understanding that true privilege is when you give yours to someone who has none, and because sexual and gender freedom is essential for progress.

I was lucky enough to meet and spend 40 loving years on earth with Dan Massey, who was just like me in this respect. We spent our lifetime celebrating as androgynes, the only state of being that held no boundaries, no limits on what could be learned and experienced. We bore two children who grew up knowing that gender was a social construct, its alternative the ideal of a post-gender world, and their gender identity was not important or relevant to the kind of person they would choose to become. The results were fairly excellent.

Once they left home, Dan and I returned to the worlds of political activism and transhumanism, and in both arenas found people who, like us, celebrate the healing nature of transgenderism. It is something more than trading between two genders. It’s more than accepting that all people live on a gender spectrum. It is not mere androgyny either. It is the literal transcendence of gender, a willingness to shed ourselves of coercive constraints on our inner authenticity. This is why gender-queer and trans people comprise 25% or more of the worldwide transhumanist movement which is designing our future. And, this is why the most fervent advocates for equality and protections from discrimination are trans people and their close allies. Transhumanists embody the principle that civilization will be hampered until gender-nonconforming people are not only accepted but hailed as the wise leaders they are.

Trans and gender non-conforming people are our modern cosmonauts, traveling to the edge of the universe to discover their peace, their authentic selves. And because of this journey and their return to us, this group is the wisest, most tolerant, most understanding, and leadership-ready population on earth, that will someday see the end of the scourge of transmisogyny and the dawn of new age of sexual and gender liberation.


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Alison Gardner