Weekend Special: Religious Right Politicians Must Go!

“I wish I could say more about it, but it’s working precisely because it works.”
— President Ronald Reagan in 1985
referring to The Family (aka The Fellowship),
the large, secret dominionist cult,
operating at your expense throughout our government

President George W. Bush received and still receives all of his spiritual counseling from a Family member.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia prays regularly with Family members, as did former Justice William Rehnquist, and no doubt others. “Praying” in groups is what the Family calls a meeting, since its members are primarily profiteers who don’t even have to be christian to join if they have good business connections.

President Barack Obama, like all former presidents, attends The Family’s annual National Prayer Breakfast (one of just a handful of public faces of The Family) even though this event has and is the bane of our own State Department for bringing together world leaders under the false pretense that this is an official government gathering.

Even Hillary Clinton took part in Family-led prayer groups while in the Senate. There are similar Family-led prayer groups in the Pentagon and most of the Departments, including State, and congressmen caucus together at tax-payer expense to fulfill The Family’s business. The Family is everywhere, claiming more than 10,000 cells worldwide.”

“A veritable underground of Christ’s men all throughout government,” is how convicted felon turned Family member Chuck Colson, Nixon’s former Special Counsel, once described his beloved dominionist cult.

by Steve Rhodes Flickr/creative commons

by Steve Rhodes
Flickr/creative commons

The Family’s mission is to replace the rule of law with their (skewered version of) of god’s law. Read any of my last two weeks of posts on this subject to learn more. The religious right sees our Constitution, especially the provision for the separation of church and state, as an impediment to be removed to accomplish their goal for this transition.

Cult members remain voluntarily ignorant of what religious freedom means. Like the Puritans who created them, they believe religious freedom means imposing their beliefs to create the intended christian nation. They don’t understand that it actually equates to freedom from religion — the right to practice my own, or to practice none, and not under any circumstances be forced to practice or abide by anyone else’s.

There are many current and past national politicians revealed to be members of The Family in Jeff Sharlet‘s two must-read books (here): Kansas Governor (and former Senator) Sam Brownback, Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator James Inhofe, Senator John Thune, Representative (and former disgraced Governor) Mark Sanford, former Senator Tom Colburn, former U.S. Representatives John Ensign, Tom Delay, and Zach Wamp, former Senator Jim DeMint now heading the right-wing Heritage Foundation, former Attorneys General Ed Meese and John Ashcroft, and the late Senator Strom Thurmond, who once worked with Brownback to demand a criminal investigation into the unimpeachable good work of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State (au.org). Of course, voting records actually reveal who is impeachable.

If your senators and congressman are members of the religious right and spend their time and your hard-earned tax dollars pushing and voting for religiously-motivated legislation, he/she is probably a member of The Family or any other of a number of domininionist cults calling for the end of the rule of law as you know it; it’s already taking place, heavily funded by the Koch Brothers, and we have to take responsibility for allowing this to happen and then be ready to do something about it.

Please join the conversation, and talk to me offline (alison@venusplusx.org) if you will be in Phoenix for Netroots Nation 2015 in July for a meet-up of activists interested in turning the tide starting with the 2016 elections.


We are now about 2 weeks into this series about Dominionism and The Family. It is a combination of my direct experience and my opinion-editorials for fair use/educational purposes. Again, I am not here to condemn any individual’s religious beliefs but I demand that they obey the law and respect our guaranteed right to live in a country where church and state are separate.


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Alison Gardner