We’re rolling

We’ve returned from several weeks helping a young trans woman fleeing Mexico and seeking U.S. asylum. This is the personal part of our work advocating for global sexual freedom that from time to time requires all of our attention and resources.

But we are now back to our nascent adventure as bloggers and webmasters, balancing it with our ongoing involvement with other individuals and organizations active on campaigns such as Global Sexual Freedom Rights, Trans Leadership and Politics, and just beginning in 2011, the legalization of sex work in the District of Columbia. More on these campaigns to follow.

We appreciate the 400+ who signed in at February’s Creating Change conference and since then and hope everyone will stay posted at for news and views on universal sexual freedom. Thanks, especially, for the patience of all those who submitted free T-shirt requests — you’ll receive one of our updated new ones in April.

Together, we will work to uphold the eminent and inherent right to universal sexual freedom, something absolutely necessary to guarantee mutual personal sovereignty, respect, and dignity. There is no democracy without true pluralism and true pluralism requires individual autonomy, equality, and shared privilege. Universal sexual freedom is also crucial to finally rid the world of its problems — war, hunger, and economic and social turmoil — because all of them can be traced directly to the unwelcome and ill-advised coercive ideologies (that always include sexual repression in some form) imposed by governments, religious hierarchies, corporations, and backward social custom.

Again, more to come . . . Alison