What Sexual Freedom Means To Me – Kushaba Moses Mworeko

To me Sexual Freedom is the inherent liberty of people to embrace our God-given, beautiful, and sexy bodies, sexual organs, feelings and acts.

I look  at myself  as “a free and empowered person” working to emancipate LGBT and HIV-positive people in Uganda, Africa, and elsewhere from a life of bondage into a world of freedom, liberty, diversity, and respect for all experiences.

As adults, mature people, productive citizens, and observers of the law can we have sex with whomever, whenever, wherever,however we want?

Can we lay a foundation for the young and the generations to come to have and enjoy all the human rights including sexual freedom they are entitled to?

Is it possible to liberate those people still in bondage, unempowered, suffering at the expense of traditional belief systems?

The resounding answer is: “Yes We Can!”

When we KNOW what we DESERVE what we DESIRE we are able to pursue our desire with boldness and determination.

-Kushaba Moses Mworeko