White Supremacists Want To Rebrand #BlackLivesMatter

By AllNiteImages Flickr/creative commons

By AllNiteImages
Flickr/creative commons

Special thanks to writers Julia Craven (@CurlyCrayy) and Nick Wing (@nickpwing) for 5 Things To Tell Anyone Who Blames Black Lives Matter For Violence Against Cops.

Predictably, Fox News has called out the crazies to gaslight the Black Lives Matter movement and rebrand it as a hate group and murder movement. All of us have to do everything in our power to counter this hateful misdirection designed by, made for, and spread by white supremacists. Please read Craven and Wing’s whole piece, if you haven’t already, because it so well diffuses the myths used by white supremacists to deflect their originating sin of racial hatred.

1. Nobody doubts that being a cop can be hard and dangerous. But statistics show this is not any more true today than it was last year.

2. Resentment toward police officers who abuse their authority existed before Black Lives Matter.

3. The idea that Black Lives Matter and the idea that the lives of cops (or anyone else) matter are not mutually exclusive.

4. The Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t promote violence against police officers or anyone else.

5. Cop killers face the full punishment of the law, and everyone thinks that’s how it should be.

And, as I wrote last week trying to describe why ‘All Lives Matter’ is a racial slur. . .

White people are [slow] to understand that #AllLivesMatter only expresses their privileged point of view, a world where, in their mind’s eye, every life is, or ought to be, cherished. They fail to understand, or even try to understand, how hurtful it is to people who are literally afraid of losing their life at this very moment because of racial prejudice, poverty, and government injustice.

#AllLivesMatter is the white supremacy viewpoint . . .  because their thinking goes like this: My (white) life matters, and because I’m progressive, I care about all lives, including black lives. Or (white) lives were laid down 50 years ago for black lives, so my (white) life matters, and because I’m progressive, I care about all lives, including black lives. Or, they’ll counter that #AllLivesMatter is true within some philosophical construct, the fullness of a perfected infinite eternity, etc.

If you want to be a trusted ally, stop saying or defending #AllLivesMatter whenever you hear #BlackLivesMatter. That shouldn’t be a white person’s trigger to make it all about themselves, because it most assuredly is not.

White supremacy has always been and is now a clear and present danger to all people of color. The hatred and extreme violence at the hands of the police and white people are increasing in direct proportion to the number of people who are standing up to the scourge of suffocating white supremacy. The Black Lives Matter movement is a big answer, its heart and goals are pure.

Please stand up and be counted today among those dismantling white supremacy. If you see it, if you hear it, speak up. Like the unattended explosive package in a crowded public space, your attention is a matter of life and death.


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Alison Gardner