Why Is Sex So Important To The Religious Right?

“The laws regulating people’s sexual behavior originated in the interpretation of the Bible and religious texts by some citizens, providing the rationale for government intrusion in other citizens’ private lives,” wrote Robert Levine.

by Lucas Cobb Flickr/creative commons

by Lucas Cobb
Flickr/creative commons

I have long posited that the anti-science, anti-women, anti-LGBT, and xenophobic aggression coming from the religious right springs from something very deep inside these white men, a place of sexual repression and fear so great that they dare not examine it closely. Just as much as they seem to abhor legislating human rights and equality, the monster they fear the most is their own self — what they would be capable of, what they would do, if given license. Sadly, all the outed gay politicians with atrocious voting records against vulnerable minorities testify to this.

Sex regulation as a technique to control the masses spans centuries. It’s a favorite strategy of elites to keep track of where their corporate slaves are, and what they are up to, all the time. But it is more than that. It’s just as much about money and power, and today it has found its clearest expression in the agenda of the religious right, and more specifically, the pervasive political-religious cult called The Family (aka The Fellowship) which has successfully infiltrated every facet of our state and local governments, and many, many other ccountries.

Since the Puritans of the 1600s in this country, American fundamentalism has been driven by the doctrine of Dominionism, a political and religious philosophy calling for the end of the rule of law to be replaced with god’s law, or at least their subjective version of what god’s law is. Sex regulation is one of their chief tools to bring about their mission,

In Uganda, The Family was the force fomenting sex regulation to terrorize the entire population, producing the now infamous “Kill The Gays” Bill. Although it was met with international outrage, portions of it have made it into Ugandan law over the last few years. As much as the American involvement in this legislation was driven by religion, it’s real intent was to distract the population from noticing how their country’s elite (including Ugandan President Yosevi Musenevi and his wife, both members of The Family) and their American counterparts have appropriated, stealthily, its foreign aid, business profits, and natural resources. The Family presses its anti-gay stance in almost 200 other countries where The Family has established some of its 10,000 cells, policies and laws that meet more resistance at home.

Practically by Family members’ own admission, their “faith” is bankrupt for it fronts for unlawful business enterprises. This is well documented in two books from Jeff Sharlet (The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power and C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to Americanheart-breaking detail, how our country is being undermined by a fake-religious organization driven by profit.

“Belief in what? The preposition, in, doesn’t matter. What matters is the verb, believe. Belief covers for business; business covers for belief; they are equal, the yin and yang of an American fundamentalism that mistakes the market for democracy, sex for sin, the dollar for the cross. (C Street, 2011)

Pretty weird, huh? Let’s do something about it. Learn more how we have within our power to force the resignations of dozens if not hundreds of incumbents in one election cycle. We invite your participation.


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