Male Genital Mutilation: The Hypocratic* Oath and Circumcision the Euphemism (Part 3)

WARNING: Some URLs in this article contain graphic material (educational purposes)  Previously, we spoke about circumcision rhetoric, examining evidence in its favor. Here, we touch on more aspects of this topic, and give final comments. Genital cutting has grievous effects on doctor-patient relationships, creating conflicts of interest. Enter Circumcision Inc. -- doctors as cold businessmen (not ethical practitioners), circumstraints, and cosmetics companies using foreskins. Do the interests of the child matter? Do religious freedoms, parental rights, and profit take precedence over bodily integrity -- children's freedoms? No harm comes from children growing ...

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Male Genital Mutilation: Bad Science (Part 2)

In Part 1, I spoke of faults in pro-circumcision rhetoric and attitudes that condone genital cutting. Now we will examine some evidence in favor of circumcision. The trials in Africa, conducted from 2005-2007 and often referenced, have been shown to use poor methodology. Brian D. Earp, who has written rigorously on this topic, familiarizes us with others who have done extensive research: While the “gold standard” for medical trials is the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, the African trials suffered [a number of serious problems] including problematic randomization and selection bias, ...

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Male Genital Mutilation: Doublethink, Self-Deception, and Insecurity (Part 1)

A child bleeds from the genitals during an unnecessary surgery with adults in attendance, none batting an eye. This is genital mutilation; however, we in the western world are immersed in a form of doublethink, considering our vehement disapproval of female genital mutilation (FGM). Is there such a difference between FGM and male circumcision that one is ok and the other abhorrent? The justifications given for either tend to be interchangeable. Male circumcision is awful in the best of circumstances, performed by professionals in sterile environments, with clean tools. It’s not always like this -- in tribes, it’s ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Birds and the Bees


I've decided to offer my take on some of the media I have come across here. There are hundreds of Sexual Freedom Project videos to choose from, each with an important message. Everyone's invited to join the cast by submitting your personal definition of or commentary on some aspect of sexual freedom. In this video, the speaker Ying details her upbringing, and the sex education that she received in Catholic school, telling us of the limited issues that were addressed when it came to the realities of sex. She and I share the idea that abstinence-only education creates sexual frustration. Not ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: You Need To Explore


As someone new to VenusPlusX, I'm offering my thoughts on some of the media I have seen here so far, wondering if new readers relate to my views. In this video, Scheyla raises an important point -- exploration. In a world where some are eager to pass judgment on others (sometimes for political gain) regarding sexual preference, it remains important for people to explore and discover sexuality for themselves. It is our responsibility as individuals to pursue our own forms of happiness, ignoring false judgments that may come from others.  Be your own judge, and seize sexual freedom for yourself. What do ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Breaking Down Taboos


I only recently started working with VenusPlusX, so I'm giving my take on some of the media I've been unearthing. The man in this video talks about how important it is to break down taboos. It's important to shatter taboos whenever we can in order to make way for open and honest dialogue, without being stifled by some of the unfortunate attitudes that prevail in our society. What do you think?  Have you ever wanted to talk about sex, only to find yourself stalling to avoid being ostracized?  What can you do to end obstacles to a progressive, productive conversation?  Send us a video or essay ...

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Human Rights in Perspective: Your Role in the Fight for Sexual Freedom (Part 3)

In providing perspective on The Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013, we've looked at some of the obstacles ahead, and took a closer look at two of the 200+ countries discussed in the Report. It's hard to fathom the instances of discrimination that we aren't aware of, but one thing is clear: The fight for freedom is something that must take place worldwide with people of all types and nationalities participating simultaneously. It is good to see the United States paying attention to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues, but is that ...

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Human Rights in Perspective: A Tale of Two Countries (Part 2)


In Part 1, I shed some light on the current human rights challenges we face, and in Part 3 I  offer a call to action, but here is a more in-depth look at two countries that are particularly interesting -- Uganda and Sweden. What do the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013 tell us about these places? Uganda This country has been on the map for a while now for it punitive laws against people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT). And, this year, since this report's publication, Uganda's draconian Anti-Homosexuality Act, referred ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: A Culmination of Things


As a new addition to VenusPlusX, I would like to express my views on some of the interesting media I have come across here. One video I found is particularly intriguing because the woman speaks of the big picture – the culmination of things that influence our sexuality. Everyone is a product of their environment, and everything connects. Social mechanisms such as school, church, media, and upbringing tend to have a large impact on individuality. What do you think? Are you free from the external influences that we all experience, or how are you still affected? Send us a video or essay expressing your ...

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Not Your Typical “Driving While Black” Story


Black Youths Attending Princeton Conference Pulled Over by Police, Then This Happened   You are riding in a car with some friends, and you get pulled over by a cop. What do you do? A group of members from the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) responded to this predicament by exercising transformative justice, when they engaged in an enlightening conversation with the officer who stopped them as they left a campus event at Princeton University (Princeton, NJ). It was supposedly for a broken taillight that turned out not to be broken at all. When confronted by the carful of ...

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