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Mass Incarceration: Follow the Money (Part 1)

Take a walk through America's unconstitutional militarization of local and statelaw enforcement, based on racial hatred and racial politics, and the training, munitions, and financial incentives that support it.

Since we finished reading legal scholar Michelle Alexander's startling book, The New Jim Crow, we decided to speak up more on the toll and tragedy of Mass Incarceration in the United States. More than that, we want to urge everyone to join the grassroots uprising meant to cure America of its addiction to racial politics and end this national scourge.

Your banks' investments and your tax dollars contribute to the ...

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What Causes Terminal Transphobia?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español The degree of antipathy that a large segment of society bears towards transgender and gender non-conforming folk is arguably among the most extreme of any systematic persecution of a minority population. Transphobia arises and is very difficult to cure because the person affected senses a threat to his or her own self-concept of sexual identity. For them it is not possible to consciously acknowledge that a new kind of human is emerging, with superior insight, courage, and adaptability. Transfolk are the incoming and long-awaited wave of social change for this new age. Only ...

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A “how-to kit” at Philly Trans Health Conference

Dan Massey and I are here at the 11th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference with 2500 trans and genderqueer folk and their allies. On the conference's last day, we will be presenting, "Ending Police Bias and Anti-Trans Violence: A Grassroots Approach." We will be joined by Ruby Corado and Kiefer Paterson in outlining our successful approach to bringing about substantial and substantive change in DC through our work with the DC TLGB Police Watch coalition. Here are some the materials we are providing at our workshop as a "how-to kit" for use in your community if you are ...

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Sweden’s “Forcible sterilization” and Creating Change

Sweden: Transgender actress mourns her "forcible sterilization" - "Many countries typically seen as progressive on LGBT rights continue to mandate the practice." “'Forcible sterilization' has been quietly practiced for decades in countries typically cast as progressive on LGBT rights: France, the Netherlands, Australia and a number of U.S. states still require it. Italy and Germany have just recently overturned similar legislation." Having just returned from Creating Change (3000 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender activists and allies, annually), I found this coverage of actress Aleksa Lundberg, a well-known Swedish transwoman, particularly ridiculous. Although Swedish actress Aleksa Lundberg made her complete transition in her late teens, ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: I AM: Mycroft

Here's another video from the I AM: Trans People Speak project of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. Please be sure to check out their website for more information and videos of transgender individuals telling their own stories in their own words. Mycroft identifies as an interfaith leader, a writer and artist, a life partner, and a transgender person. Mycroft experienced discrimination when it came time to do co-op work in the field as part of his college program. People would not even consider hiring him, because he is transgender. It was an eye-opening, shocking experience for him. One ...

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A Mission Accomplished

We are pleased to report the DC TLGB Watch's Transgender Day of Action in Washington, DC, was, and continues to be, a notable success by any standard. Even a few days ago, when elected/appointed officials became a little nervous on rumors that street demonstrations and set of demands with deadlines were coming to their doorsteps, the Trans community leaders were offered some coordinated face-time with the Office of Mayor Vincent Gray together with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and the US Attorney for Washington, DC (USAO), a fresh approach to replace their usual divide and conquer strategy to make ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Take It Personally…Please

Thursday at 1:00 PM in Washington, DC, the Transgender Day of Action will confront the Metropolitan Police Department, the United States District Attorney for DC, the Mayor, and Members of the City Council about systemic bias against the trans community in our nation's capital. Local activists, members of the LGBT community, and concerned area residents will be participating in this action to bring media and political attention to the serious ongoing problem of neglect and abuse of trans folks in DC. It is in honor of that action that we bring you today's video, "Transgender People In The Workplace." Have ...

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Call to action this Thursday, November 17, Washington, DC

Download Poster Media Advisory Available Goals and Demands This urgent Call to Action for Thursday, November 17 starts at 1 PM in front of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD300 Indiana Avenue NW). Local activists have mobilized on behalf of Trans people in the District who have unfairly suffered police profiling, police bias, police harassment, undertrained police, and, indeed, violence at the hands of police. The disproportionate statistics in our nation’s capital reportedly tower over any other city or state. WHAT: Transgender Day of Action WHEN: Thursday, November 17, 2011, starting at 1 PM WHERE: MPD Headquarters (300 Indiana Avenue NW) to the ...

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Southern Comfort—Historic Gathering

What is "gender non-conforming?" "What does a transexual person have in common with a part-time cross-dresser? or with a transgender person who identifies as neither?" "Can transgender and gender non-conforming people, cross-dressers, transexual men and women who have undergone Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS), and other segments of this diverse cohort group ever speak as one?" To feel the power of collective action that is sleeping beneath us? "What are the limits of working in coalition with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and interesex people?" "What are the shared policy priorities we can all work on together, in unity without uniformity? These are just ...

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Our Call to Action

These grim numbers attest to the cost of unregulated hatred of a vulnerable minority when civil government fails: Over a ten year period, eight trans women were murdered in Washington, DC, out of a population of 600 thousand. No place in the nation had a larger proportion of its population murdered in anti-trans assaults. The DC trans murder rate is 75 times the national average. In the same period, ten trans women were murdered in California, out of a population of over 37 million. No other state in the union had a larger number of trans murders. The DC trans murder rate is 50 ...

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