Our Call to Action

These grim numbers attest to the cost of unregulated hatred of a vulnerable minority when civil government fails:

  • Over a ten year period, eight trans women were murdered in Washington, DC, out of a population of 600 thousand. No place in the nation had a larger proportion of its population murdered in anti-trans assaults.
  • The DC trans murder rate is 75 times the national average.
  • In the same period, ten trans women were murdered in California, out of a population of over 37 million. No other state in the union had a larger number of trans murders.
  • The DC trans murder rate is 50 times that of California.
  • One in seven trans murders occur in DC. One in 500 Americans live in DC.
  • DC’s clearance of murders is a paltry 50% and in the trans community it is only 20%.

A social and governmental emergency exists in the District of Columbia. Neglect and overt hatred of our city by rubes in congress, fools in the bureaucracy, and ignoramuses in the judiciary, who beat us down as a scapegoat for deficiencies of civil government that they are too greedy and lazy to correct when it is within their power, have taken their toll for years on the quality of civilization, the actual practice of social justice and equality, in this city. We have now reached the point that breakdown in the legitimacy and standards of law enforcement in our nation’s capital threatens government stability as surely as the recent earthquake, which cracked our national monuments.

Law enforcement and legal justice are essentially non-existent in DC for the transgender community, in spite of this city having an outstanding record in legislating civil rights and equality for all its residents. Nowhere is this more evident than in the prevalence of transgender murders here, compared to other parts of the country.

No one understands the injustices suffered and the social costs borne by the transgender community so well as transfolk themselves. As the members of society most intimately familiar with the individual and collective challenges to the expression and enjoyment of gender freedom, no group is better qualified to lead the liberation of human society from a failed vision of civil devotion. The time is now for transfolk to unify around, and seize, their privilege as the logical leaders of the quest to achieve TLGB justice and equality.

VenusPlusX has been created to serve and expedite the emergence of this New Age.