VenusPlusX Is A Conversation

Columbia, seen here in the Statue of Freedom atop the US Capital, is Venusplusx

Dan Massey and I founded VenusPlusX in January 2011. Since then we were often asked, "Which one is X?" to which we answered, jokingly, "it's not polite to ask." We were and are as one in our commitment to make a better world. Our inspiration for the name, VenusPlusX, was a 1960 sci-fi book, Venus Plus X, which is about a gender-neutral future society. Sexual freedom is our theme, specifically A New Age of Sexual Freedom, because it comprises ultimate freedom, the final freedom that will be acknowledged, and the only one that can ensure all preceding freedoms. Full sexual freedom signifies ...

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A Manifesto For The New Age of Sexual Freedom

The figure of Columbia, with a gender-fluid, two-spirit American native as the model, is VenusPlusX

Editor's note: republishing it by popular demand ...

The New Age of Sexual Freedom is synonymous with the end of sexism, and the end of racism (the greatest form of sexual oppression), and the end of nationalism for the purposes of war (the greatest form of racism), in the shortest amount of time (because we are killing each other).

  One of our most frequently asked questions is Why A New Age Of Sexual Freedom? Also, what’s that got to do with human rights -- equality rights, immigration rights, environmental protections, and safeguarding net neutrality?

In honor of the relaunch of VenusPlusX, I ...

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What Causes Terminal Transphobia?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español The degree of antipathy that a large segment of society bears towards transgender and gender non-conforming folk is arguably among the most extreme of any systematic persecution of a minority population. Transphobia arises and is very difficult to cure because the person affected senses a threat to his or her own self-concept of sexual identity. For them it is not possible to consciously acknowledge that a new kind of human is emerging, with superior insight, courage, and adaptability. Transfolk are the incoming and long-awaited wave of social change for this new age. Only ...

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What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español The Name of God has been a subject of superstition and speculation throughout human history. Much confusion has arisen from an inability to imagine a deity of sufficient power, presence, and knowledge to consistently satisfy all humanity's putative requirements for a god to satisfy. We have revealed that the single word "Love" is the best description of absolute deity. We have also shown that the existence of Love makes possible the activation of a divine function best described and named as "Truth"—the finite function of deity that creates Goodness and Beauty. And ...

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What is the Word of God?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español In my recent post What is the Name of God? I explained that one must recognize two concepts of deity. One is the absolutely perfect omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent deity (the omni-cubed god), whose acts in infinite space and eternal time are necessarily uniform and invisible, who putatively makes possible and upholds everything that is or can ever be. We recognize that Love is the best descriptive name we have for this deity. Though no physical image can embody all this represents, an image of ...

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What is the Name of God?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español In his 1953 sci-fi story, The Nine Billion Names of God, Arthur C. Clarke imagined a Tibetan monastery where monks labored ceaselessly to list every permutation of letters in their alphabet and thus to list every possible name of god, fulfilling their destiny and bringing about the end of the universe. With the help of a computer (in 1953!) they finish the job in three months instead of 15,000 years, after which... Humanity has long been preoccupied with knowing the name of god. Priests, magicians, and other charlatans tell the gullible ...

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Why Trans Life is a Necessary Cosmic Reality

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español At the end of the last post I admitted that  I certainly cannot prove that this higher level of Transcendent Life (Trans Life) exists beyond Real Live (RL) as RL exists beyond Second Life (SL). If it exists, then there is surely a path of transition from RL to Trans Life that is similar to the SL to RL transition, and our destiny is to transcend RL and occupy this new level by following the path of living truth. Follow me now into a domain of rational speculation and let me explain ...

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Becoming and Being an Avatar—Uploading Salvation

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español And so we come, at last, to the true meaning of salvation. It is common to think of this word as meaning escape from mortality, resurrection into an afterlife. Yet this also contains the idea of a personal change to observe a higher set of ideals, so that one overcomes bad attitudes and behavior towards others. I think the most basic concept of salvation is, however, salvation from uncertainty—the avatar's choice. If the avatar makes the single choice to engage the resident's will, or the output of a higher level cognitive process ...

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Becoming and Being an Avatar—Choosing the Transhuman

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español "I think when one sees something true and beautiful, one wants to tell people about it, out of affection, out of compassion, out of love. ... Can you ask the flower why it grows, why it has perfume? It is for the same reason the speaker talks."                                            —Jiddu Krishnamurti Krishnamurti was "discovered" at age 14 by Charles Leadbeater, a prominent Theosophist, who proclaimed him destined to become ...

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What Happens When Atheists Pray?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... A lot of people seem to think that, by believing in the myths of a religion, they will acquire some sort of privilege above all other people—they can become those chosen by their god to impose his will on the world around them. In return for their dedication, they expect some kind of payoff—a manifold return on their investment. So they pray for what they want. Sometimes they get it. More often they don't. From this many conclude there is no god. Of course they would be more accurate to conclude that there is ...

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