Billion$ Wasted by Right-Wingnuts

“Republicans have squandered money on hubristic, base-rousing engagements and re-investigations, and forfeited money available for a wholly legitimate and beneficial expansion of health coverage for low-income families. Sadly, it’s not them who are left counting the costs.” (via The Daily Kos)

VenusPlusX has already defined in several posts what we mean by right-wingnuts: sexually-repressed, fear-motivated, white, theocratic oligarchs, as dangerous to the future of civilization as any gun-wielding terrorist. The phrase, right-wingnuts, has popped up elsewhere, to rightly label these knuckleheads for what they really are —  radical conservatives strangling us towards extinction, one way or another. They need stop or be stopped.

Image by Patrick Hoesly Flickr/creative commons

Image by
Patrick Hoesly
Flickr/creative commons

The Daily Kos has provided us with an accounting of how many of your tax dollars has been misspent by these slithering haters.

The grand total of this misanthropic laundry list is over $25 billion, not including the more than $35 billion net loss of Federal medicaid expansion funds rejected by right-wing state governors!

More than even this, consider that there is not one trending catastrophe, from the Middle East to Immigration to Feguson, Missouri, that doesn’t not rest at the feet of these theocrats who worship no other agency besides their own comfort.

As activists, we can identify the issue, the power-holders to be targeted, and the strategies to bring about positive change. What call to action with radicalize you enough to get up and do something about it? Find a cause, any cause you believe in, and then bring your power and personhood to bear, be present.

For example, in the US, if we just focused solely on enfranchising those in poverty, especially people of color, we can bring about substantive and sustainable change in this country within the next two months just by casting our vote. By claiming our power, our votes flip the script, where those enslaved by the system rid themselves of politicians, governments, religious hierarchies, and corporations who repress them in every way possible.

White men who feel so threatened by a brown America need to be sent in for something Frank Zappa once called re-grooving, a powerful reality check of epic proportions.

Let us know what you are doing to heal our world.