Support Tomorrow’s WalkOuts To Raise Wages

Photo by  Steve Rhodes Flickr/creative commons

Photo by
Steve Rhodes
Flickr/creative commons

Home healthcare workers are joining fast food workers, tomorrow, for walkouts in over 100 cities across America. You can help by coming out to support these actions against mega corporations such as McDonalds and Walmart who enslave workers with poverty wages and stolen wages.

Fast-food workers often have to rely on food stamps to feed their families. This means that the corporations they work for freely rely on your tax dollars to pick up the slack.

These companies also notoriously steal workers’ wages by such practices as making workers wait around before starting their shifts to maintain efficiency ratios and/or routinely requiring extra unpaid hours by workers to clean at the conclusion of their shift.

Conservatives argue that the market should determine wages based on productivity but fail to understand that if that were so the minimum wage would actually be $22/hour in 2014.

Income inequality hurts both the rich and the poor and it is time for everyone to pay more attention to these issues.

Join a walkout tomorrow. You will be glad you did.