Gospel According to Goldilocks

Gregor Roffalski via Wikimedia Commons
Gregor Roffalski via Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this week, we released another excerpt of our upcoming book, The Unseen Journey (working title) about the unification of eros and agape, only possible by stripping away thousands of years of disinformation and human superstition about the sexual basis for all spirituality.

Our book is a declaration that eros and agape are one with unified Love, and that the erotic is a major component of cosmic Love, physical and spiritual. By unpacking and dispensing with the social stagnation and oppressive belief systems that characterize human society today, the erotic’s functional purpose in any vitology (way of living in dedication to destiny) asserts its reality.

A small bit of bad poetry makes this clear. We call it the “Gospel According to Goldilocks” for obvious reasons:
Eros without agape is too hot
Agape without eros is too cold
Eros and agape together is “just right.”

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Stay tuned for more on the unification of eros and agape, and in the meantime, let us know what you think of these ideas.

Already available now as a companion reference, A Course in Immortality (and in Spanish, Un Curso En Inmortalidad), which will be published as an included Appendix in the new book.