How to Make Your Wishes Come True

One of 140 sex-themed sculptures at Loveland Park in Jeju, South Korea Photo by Cecil Lee Flickr/creative commons

One of 140 sex-themed sculptures at Loveland Park in Jeju, South Korea
Photo by Cecil Lee
Flickr/creative commons

Editor’s Note: From time to time current discussions about sexual freedom prompt the reprinting of some of our earlier posts. This one from March 2011 is all about how orgasm translates to more effective living. Comments welcome, as always. [Media added.]

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Remember starting puberty, discovering your groin’s “sweet spot” which when stimulated becomes increasingly sensitive and increasingly generates feelings of goodness and happiness and total well being that grow and grow until, suddenly, they burst forth in an outpouring of oneness with the universe, an uninterruptible pleasure that no earthly restraint can ever hope to supersede, a fresh feeling each time that sweeps away all fears and puts us in direct contact true joy?

The experience of orgasm is intense and deeply engaged in the circuits of love in the human body and mind. Orgasm encourages our natural, heartfelt desires to become an active force in the universe. The feelings of well being, love, and connectedness expressed in the moment of orgasm are our first inklings that the power of orgasm extends further into all aspects of our will’s choosing. Orgasm’s power assures us, constantly reminds us, that our desires, not just sexual desires but all desire for truth, goodness, beauty, and love, can be made real in time and space. More than any other earthly experience, the orgasm humanizes the innate hunger for sexual freedom. As such, sexual freedom becomes the bedrock of all other freedoms.

Of course, no power of the human mind can directly change material reality. Wishing to find gold or win the lottery while jerking off is not a productive use of either your time or your orgasm. And yet you somehow feel the essential truth that what you most ardently desire at such a moment cannot possibly be denied you. And that is practically true.

Understand that any change that occurs will necessarily be an adjustment of your own perspective, response, or evaluation of situations that enable  you to find the most adaptive response, given the limits of physical reality. Your intuitive understanding of your place and role to do good and make beauty in each life situation is limitless. And through such insight, you come into contact with others who resonate with this same version of  life’s ultimate purpose.

Such personal transformation is available through the power of heightened desire. You may not get what you think you want, but you will most certainly get what you really need. Our task is to relax our selfish desires and become open to the increased awareness of Love and application of Truth that stand ready to flood your being with the power to do Good to others and make more and more harmonious associations.

That in a nutshell unlocks to secrets and true reality of sex magic and sacred sexuality. These are the experiences that empower our desires to become perfect avatars of Love and Truth. Anyone who sets foot on this path will surely find their true heart’s desire and learn to employ the direction of their true will to change their world and, hopefully, benefit all humanity.

These remarks complement the second half of my paper, “The New Age of Erotic Freedom–Part 2 of 2“.

Dan Massey