Philo’s Manifesto from Venera Plus Iks by Teodor Sterdžen now in Serbian

In recognition of the SHARE2 conference in Belgrade this weekend, and the hundreds of attendees who have received bracelets and books from our good friend Khannea Suntzu, we have made a translation ofthe central statements of Sturgeon’s novel available here. We apologize that none of the rest of the web site is in Serbian; however, we felt this excerpt would give you a foretaste of what VenusPlusX is about.

Click here for an excerpt from Venera Plus Ikx by Teodor Sterdžen (in Serbian)

Click here for the same excerpt in English

Click here for our earlier post introducing this book in English

Depending on how you space it, VenusPlusX or Venus Plus X, it’s no accident that you may have stumbled over a novel by Theodore Sturgeon of the same name. Since first reading Venus Plus X in 1960, it has invoked a strong resonance with my own inner truth even though it was Sturgeon’s creative imagination, a perhaps fantasy. It is our namesake because it stands as the earliest and still clearest exposition of the world’s essential ideas and ideals in the world of sex and gender, and guides the our work as advocates, educators, and activists.