Running Out of Time (video)

We were really impressed with this video which brings into sharp relief some of the dissonance and hypocrisy of American politicians’ sweeping calls for democracy and equality abroad, through the UN, in the US Congress, and from the White House.

They take seriously the populist rebellions in repressive foreign nations, at least the ones that might be useful to the US, but our political leaders dismiss 0r only limply support the successful “Occupy” movement in our midst that is already altering the national conversation of government’s role. The effectiveness of this movement is scaring them because it flips the paradigm in favor of the people, the 99%, and makes those who advocate for the 1% an endangered species that will soon be extinct.

Another good example of this is last February’s remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directed at Ugandan lawmakers poised to enact their heinous “Anti-Homosexuality Bill.” She said, “Gay rights are human rights.” But our own country’s commitment and ability to protect the human rights of its own citizens, especially those of sexual minorities, falls so short.

Not long ago, I explained how sexual freedom is the bedrock of all freedoms because the ability to experience sexual pleasure and orgasm it is the single, pluralistic, shared reality of everyone on earth that gives each of us a taste, a feeling, of what freedom feels like. It is our internal drive to cooperate with each other in seeking more and more freedoms. It is our collective bodily guarantee that promises mutual respect for individual autonomy, that makes full equality an inherited right. This is primal and precedes the laws of men, and no law can attempt to diminish personal sovereignty without losing credibility and honor.