The Sexual Freedom Project: Sex and Gender

(También en Español) The following essay was submitted to us by Jamor: Many people often view sex as scientific, or fact: babies are born male or female, and they behave as men or women. I view sex as the core of deeply rooted systems of oppression all over the world. I say this because sex is so closely connected to gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and even class. A key intersection point among all of these cultural identifiers is sex and the binary most people operate under. We have been told that those born outside of the male-female binary are ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: It Doesn’t Have To Be A Rigid Thing

(También en Español) Basking in a park, this young woman shares her ideas about the differences between gender and sex, and how sexual freedom can vary in different environments. She says gender as a continuum, with extremes and many ambiguities in between. How does locale affect the experience of sexual freedom? What do you think about a continuum for gender as a new way of thinking beyond the binary? We want to hear what you're thinking. Send us a video, write us an essay, put your thoughts in a poem, song, or piece of art. To thank you for participating we'll send ...

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Do We Even Need Gender?

Creative Commons image by: Male-símbolo2

Gender can be a confusing subject for LGBT and straight people alike. Many people often mistake sex and gender to be the same thing, for example, or when a person’s gender doesn’t match the stereotypes associated with his or her sex, the results often include some form or discrimination (though it can be unintentional), verbal challenges or confrontations, and refusal to accept that this person does not want to accept society’s biased demands.

This disparity stems from a long-standing tradition throughout the world of assigning how an individual should act, dress, etc. based on nothing more than the genitalia ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Meaningless Language

(También en Español) Can legislators be educated? Many have no personal experience with transgender and gender non-conforming folks, and the language they use, even when trying to pass bills to end discrimination, inevitably focus only on dress and appearance rather than the reality of discrimination in jobs, housing, and access to healthcare, for example. Are you involved in policy and political work (or think you would like to) and able to share your knowledge and experiences with us? If we feature your contribution (your video, poem, essay, short blog, etc.) we will send you a free VenusPlusX t-shirt to thank you. Video by Tiye ...

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It’s just hair! Right?

Editor's note: This post was written by one of our interns, Jamor Gaffney. It was the summer before I began 5th grade when I got my first relaxer. I was curious, nervous, and unsure of whether I was making the right decision. Not because of what I now understand to be a deeply rooted, oppressive standard of beauty in this country, but simply because I didn’t know how my hair would turn out. The morning before I went into the hair salon, I wore an Afro; I walked around my neighborhood so everyone could see my hair, and they would ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Room for Change

Do you agree that gender roles define or control our personal behavior? limit our freedoms, opportunities, and ability to be ourselves? Is location, where you are in the world, the greatest indicator? What will be the results of raising children today with more relaxed ideas about gender? Do you foresee a future in which gender gradually disappears? We want to know what you think, hear your voice. Make a video. Write u an essay or a poem. Paint us a picture, write us a song. If we feature your views here on the site, we will send you a VenusPlusX ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Gender Doesn’t Exist

(También en Español) You might be surprised by Mariana when she talks about her Catholic father's approach to her sexuality and sex education, and how the result has been that she is generally more responsible than her peers. You will agree how cool it has been for her to receive her Dad's trust and guidance in place of absolutes or prohibitions. She also recalls being 8 years old and thinking she wanted to be a boy, just because life seemed so much easier, but as an adult those gender differences have practically faded? Parent or child, what do you think are ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Make Your Voice Heard

Jack and Adrianna model our fabulous t-shirts

The Sexual Freedom Project is a series that will highlight your original and creative efforts around addressing the question, “What does sexual freedom mean to you?” It will feature your videos, stories, poetry and artwork exploring the role sexual freedom plays in your life today, how the media covers sexuality, gender, and popular culture, or anything else that comes to mind when you think of sexual freedom. Send us your personal take on these questions, or on any of the other varied topics covered by VenusPlusX. We will also feature works created by the VenusPlusX staff, including video interviews filmed on ...

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