The Sexual Freedom Project: Use it or not

Revisiting what Eneko said about generational differences in how we talk about sex, saying, for example, that the use of pornography is always a choice — use it or not.

What was your sex education growing up? Was it easy or hard to talk with your parents about sex?

Is accessibility to pornography important to you? Do you think is pornography serves society? Or helps with sex education?

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Video by Tiye Massey.

TRANSCRIPT by David Kreps

Eneko: Hello?

Food vendor: Hello, how are you?

Eneko: Lamb with rice… no, give me chicken rice please. Yeah.

VenusPlusX: So, tell me about sex education in Spain.

Eneko: *laughs*

Sex education in Spain is really bad because it’s still, I think it’s still the Spanish culure is following the Christian, the Christianists. So, for old people it’s really difficult to talk about the sex. Young people is opening, and I think that… they are not afriad to talk about sex. My parents? No, we don’t used to talk about that. I mean, it’s something that we know that we do. But, we avoid to talk about that. Pornography is something that you can use if you want. I mean pornography must be in the society. It’s nothing bad. You can use it or you can not use it. Depends, I mean if you have a … plenty sex life maybe you don’t want to use it. But if you you have some need, then you can. I think that pornography was controlled for men, and… not  the girls [who] were not in a good position [as] men’s pornography maybe. But, I know that somewhere in Spain, a lot of women directors are doing really good  pornography. With different rules, with different goals, and with different style. I mean, the pornography was controlled for the mens, but in the future they’re going to share …control. And I think they’re going to make pornography for men and for women. Because the brains of the men and the women [are] different, so I think we [get] excited with different things. So, it’s normal that …
different kinds of pornographies.