Unity Without Uniformity

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COLUMBIA is a radically new philosophy of being that emphasizes the ideas and ideals that draw people together in mutual support, as opposed to the secondary qualities that differentiate one person from another. We are activists wholly dedicated to the sexual liberation of humanity worldwide. We are certain that, if all recognize their common nature and stand together, we can change the common culture, since such change benefits all. Last summer  I wrote a short paper for Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s State of Sexual Freedom in the US Report 2010 showing how all the labels that society uses to divide us are based on forcing false choices on the individual. No one is perfectly male or female, and there is no standard for a perfect masculine or feminine presentation. Take a look at my paper, “I Am an Intersex Bisexual Transgender and So Are You,” to see what I mean, and we will talk about it more later.                               –Dan Massey

Sexual Freedom