Until we meet again . . .

Dan and I have just spent the last a couple months retooling our website to focus more directly on the campaigns that have become the most important to us, and finishing our book on erotic communion that we have been researching and writing for the last 3 years. Look for more info on both.

For now, we have to report that Dan at 70 put down his keyboard on January 28, and after a short and painless illness took his last breath on this earth. He arose anew to carry on with the joyful immortality he and his family enjoy, only now in different form. When you chance to live day-by-day in the eternal-infinite, the now that can so easily escape our grasp, it’s not surprising that a transition like this is pervaded by peace and grace, lessening emotional pain, joyous in the unfolding of a new reality.

Dan and I have spent the last 4 decades in partnership and parenthood dedicating ourselves to Love and service, seeking Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in all our actions and decisions. While we often fell short, there is not anything that was and is more important in shaping who we are and want to be. In sharing his thoughts of late, Dan centered on one phrase to illuminate what we must do to make our world better, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

For information on Dan’s Memorial Service in Washington, DC, on Saturday afternoon, February 23, contact In lieu of flowers, Dan requested that a contribution be made to Casa Ruby instead, or a charity of your choice. A newly endowed Dan Massey Transleadership Scholarship Fund might be your choice, as well.

We are compiling many of your notes and letters in a book that will have blank pages and photographs for anyone that wants to contribute their thoughts, or you could send them to at any time to be included in this special keepsake.

For more, click through to Wikipedia, The Advocate, and Huffington Post.