Use Birth Control? You’re Fired!

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News of note: Use Birth Control? You’re Fired!

You may want to sit down for this one. Arizona legislators know that whether or not her insurance covers it, a woman may get the prescription she needs to prevent an unintended pregnancy. They want to give her boss the right to control that too. The bill they are pushing would not only allow employers to take the insurance coverage away, but it would also make it easier for an employer who finds out that his employee uses birth control to fire her. You heard me right . . . to fire her.

Allowing discrimination under the banner of religious freedom is a popular theme in America, although the right to religious freedom is constantly falsely interpreted by the right wing. It means: Individuals retain the right to their own religious choices, including ignoring the dictates of organized religion, not the perverse opposite. Religions have no rights to impose behavioral restrictions on others.

When people must choose between sexual freedom and sexual repression, I’m counting on freedom being the more popular choice. We are evolving, and in the end, these bigots will fail.

Creative Commons image by: vociferous