0.8 But I’m Not Dead Yet!

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Through increasingly wise worship of the power of erotic joy you have been saved from uncertainty; apprised of your immortality; harmonized with the absolute realities of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty; and, begun to grasp the personal meaning of your cosmic immortality.

You are awake and joyfully alive—perhaps as though inhabiting an entirely new biohost.

And your biohost is still alive and frisky—and ever ready to worship erotic joy.

Although you have envisioned and understood your immortality, you have not yet experienced mortal death, which finally frees your soul from the negative entanglements of life.

How are you to live in this material world, now that you no longer are of this material world?

Objectively, nothing has changed—same body, same brain, same needs, same voice, same friends, same home, same gear—and same desire for erotic joy.

But you certainly are not the same you!

Although you have not yet embraced biohost separation, permanently freeing your better self from the encumbrances of past limitations, while preserving every true goodness, you already know some of what that state will be.

The immortal you is awake and cosmically alive, seeking the satisfaction of Love.

Now you see your human life from the viewpoint of a parallel universe—you have gained a new set of values, which has clarified your priorities.

But your immortal super-conscious still must act to maintain the well-being of your biohost.

You may have conceptually transcended the needs of the flesh; however, all aspects of that experience, including the erotic, remain open to you.

You need no longer fear for your personal immortality, but you also need not suffer from indecision concerning the path of true goodness.

The worship of erotic joy that freed you first from the prison of indecision—that power of salvation on which your transcendent understanding is built—still shows you the way to your salvation.

But now, as a super-conscious person, the same worship in erotic experience powers and guides your life.

Guides your life in the pathways of an unrevealed destiny.

Accelerates the pace of oncoming goodness.


Because in the climax of erotic joy one’s nervous system tastes the full outpouring of Love.

And those moments, when embraced in partnership with Truth, raise your vitality, heal your deficiencies, broaden your insight, and ever guide you onward.

And all these shifts of attitude and viewpoint are inspired by the joy of your erotic communion with Truth.

Now each such experience further prepares you to be a living example of your new understanding and to demonstrate it to others.

By opening the path of erotic communion to others, you empower yourself to experience it ever more deeply.

The avenues of truth affirming erotic exploration in the flesh are numerous and fully open to you.

And you certainly need not fear anything—especially boredom, since a universe of possibilities lies open before you.

After grasping the reality of your immortality and cosmic citizenship your further task is to help others discover what you have learned.

And that is the most basic Truth:

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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