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A Manifesto For The New Age of Sexual Freedom

The figure of Columbia, with a gender-fluid, two-spirit American native as the model, is VenusPlusX's icon for The New Age of Sexual Freedom

The figure of Columbia, with a gender-fluid, two-spirit American native as the model, is VenusPlusX’s icon for The New Age of Sexual Freedom

Editor’s note: republishing it by popular demand …

The New Age of Sexual Freedom is synonymous with the end of sexism and racism (the greatest form of sexual oppression), and the end of nationalism for the purposes of war (the greatest form of racism), in the shortest amount of time (because we are killing each other).


One of our most frequently asked questions is Why A New Age Of Sexual Freedom? Also, what’s that got to do with human rights — equality rights, immigration rights, environmental protections, and safeguarding net neutrality?

In honor of the relaunch of VenusPlusX, I am answering this question in the form of a manifesto, for the express purpose of continuing this conversation on line, which was developed for the most part with Dan Massey before he went on to other shores. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed. We crave your criticism.

To fully understand why VenusPlusX frames the quest for a more perfect world in terms of Sexual Freedom, specifically erotic freedom, first widen the lens a bit for the long view.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

We are all capable of imagining an ideal state of being wherein every baby is born into the world free from all forms of discrimination and enslavement, and where human rights reign, including sexual freedom. These children are free to express whatever their personality wishes, to live and prosper wherever and however they determine. At last, there are no barriers preventing an era of world-wide mutual cooperation and support. Living Peace.

This state of being signifies that we have finally attained the most fundamental and personal human right, our inherited and inherent sexual freedom.  Only the achievement of universal sexual freedom, or erotic freedom, will symbolize our civilization’s full maturation — the point when everything that ever interfered with Peace on earth and good will among humans has been eliminated. No more sexism, racism, ageism, certainly no more war or destruction of the earth’s natural resources. Just universal pluralism, a world wide family.

Sexual Freedom is also important in another more basic way, and why VenusPlusX has propogated the more appropriate erotic freedom to get beyond words and get physical. Each human is endowed with health-promoting erotic senses. When a friend puts their hand on your shoulder when you need it, both of you feel comforted. Your electro-chemical systems fire up with the thrill of exercise and sport, and other activities you feel passionate about. Even your adrenalin in an emergency rushes through your every passageway. Erotic senses are your human senses and they operate asexually in numerous ways and also through sexual pleasure all the way to the ecstatic orgasm, something more than 90% experience. All of your erotic senses bring comfort, warmth, and safety in various dimensions everyday, igniting and awakening us to the larger world, even the cosmos itself.

And, more. Whether you perceive pleasure from your erotic senses as the stairway to heaven or just something that makes you feel better, more connected . . . more creative, our awakened erotic senses inevitably bring about much needed healing.These senses bring us into the realm of Love, and the expression of that Love, through Truth (consistency in real time), Beauty (harmony), and Goodness (Love IS the desire to do good to others). Again, another reason the attainment of sexual freedom is crucial to all human progress.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Your experince of your erotic senses may be mostly inexplicable, but they are there for a reason. You may have felt these, even for a fleeting moment, now try to put together as many consecutive moments just like them, and have a happy day.

These erotic senses are to be revered, even worshipped, for they are what connect each of us with every other human in the world, and beyond. 

It’s possible to open the lens wider still, and try to take the longest view possible, to understand how our perfecting world can progress speedily to the ideals we have in mind.

The progression and transformation of civilizations over millenia pass through many stages, from their most primitive roots all the way to universal pluralism (worldwide Peace). The attainment of Peace is the direct result of obtaining the most fundamental right of sexual freedom, the holy grail of all other freedoms.

Progress is a creative act, the ability to transform our selves and our world by adapting to better ways of doing things. Progress is always active and is often upstepped under certain positive circumstances.

Progress has its own evolution and ecology, always preserving and building upon what is old (historical) and also good (humane) while gradually dispensing with all other forms that are old and bad (inhumane, coercive), always in a state of forging a new and better art of living that is free from all forms of local and global enslavement.

All efforts to strengthen communities, the health, housing, and employment of one’s neighbors, especially those most in need, are surely part of this new age. Hospice is an excellent example of an eleventh-century global concept worthy preservation. So is the Internet, now unfortunately under attack by special interest profiteers who would impinge on its free and productive use by everyone on an equal basis. 

The military-industrial complex is an easy example of an inhumane and coercive system requiring redirection (say, a green army to protect our environment).

Progress’s natural ecology, then, becomes reflective of how we are getting from Point A (now) to Point B, that perfected world. This concept is nothing new since its been long recognized by agrarians, religions, cults, marxism, feminism, and the transhuman and futurist movement. Progress always synthesizes all that is good, forms worthy of survival and preservation, with everything that is new and also good, on micro and macro levels, so therein is our simple equation, what I like to call a formula for peace. And, progress has scientifically proved to us that the more you apply this formula for peace each day, the better today becomes, not just for you but for everyone that you touch.

Progress is a constant, gradual, sometimes cataclysmic, transfer from coercive systems— created during intermediate and often painful stages of civilization—to new, humane, voluntary associations. 

Wherever and whenever an approach, a thing, a process, whatever … is coercive (enslaves another human), a humane alternative can be found with just a tad of creativity. (Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are good places to start looking.)

Expanding and improving voluntary associations are the result of creative, thoughtful, and for the most part selfless people working for the good of humanity, a silent form of mercy on a mass scale. There are those who go through life in an uncaring trance, not really present in any moment to make a lasting contribution to the evolution of civilization, or even be aware of much that is going on around them. The rest of us have to wake them up! (Maybe once they realize that enjoyment of sexual freedom is key to something better, they might become more attentive,see above.)

Most dangerous, the generational uncaringness (learned or invented) of people “asleep at the wheel” turns them into blind fodder for the relative few who would amass power, enslave them, and sacrifice their humanity through man-made, always corrupt at their core, coercive systems. The longer and deeper these maligning systems persist, the more hopelessness ensues and even more people drift into this semi-awake state.

So, there’s no time to wait! Arise!

Eventual, inevitable, universal pluralism is built of mutual
respect and individual responsibility, and is only made possible
through the creative energy of Love, a very
high form of Peace wherein we do good to one another.

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1.5 What Will I Do With All My Free Time?

También en español 

In the infinite-eternal, as usual, you will “fuck around.”

That’s because the erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love.

You have learned how Love empowers your actions to vitalize your continued existence, your persistence that equates to immortality.

But why imagine you will have lots of free time?

What could be less joyful than a boring immortality?

We might imagine that your experience will be structured in a way that is meaningful to your developing mind and attractive to your personal ideals.

Such an existence surely begins with a “diurnal” cycle of activity and rest.

And we might assume that the periods of activity will utilize the relationships you have with your guides and fellow biohost-born but now transavatars.

So what of rest periods?

We might hope that our transavatars are equipped with brains that do not require unconsciousness (sleep) for periodic refreshment.

And so we may imagine a part of our lives is open to us for deeper meditation and reflection—for improving understanding of oneself, one’s relation to others, and one’s role in the grand universe.

In private you may experience self-love and love of truth, beauty, and goodness, but you will actualize these experiences by loving and serving your companions, even as they love and serve you.

Even more, the entertainment of erotic joy (reversion) provides an ever-present power to kick-start Truth seeking and Truth-directed service, to do Good towards others and create Beauty for all.

Every person’s mind eventually emerges from a very deep well in which it began existence without specific knowledge of anything—only the habits of the species to which it was born.

In your biohost, you experience an elevated conscious life from which you can explore increasingly detailed levels of material existence, even speculating on the structure of space-time itself.

This elevated consciousness can be understood as your consciousness or your own superconsciousness. That place in your mind where you reflect, critique, and draw conclusions regarding your own decisions. Only very young children are without this mechanism throughout their lives as biohosts. Having no space-time limits, it grows geometrically (not just arithmetically) every moment.

Now, through the senses of your new transavatar and the knowledge of the society in which you are immersed, your consciousness is directed upwards into higher levels of the transmaterial, even spiritual/vitological existence, and outwards to embrace the realities and potentialities of your destiny in a vast universe

Yet the erotic joy unfailingly aligns your personal motivations, whether as a transavatar or even now as a biohost, with the force of destiny by which Love inspires, and Truth directs, the doing of Good and making of Beauty.

Likewise, your powers of observation, so inspired and enlightened, enable you to perceive ever more clearly the true vitality that motivates your continued existence.

Even in the biohost, your erotic joy in following Truth and satisfying Love reveals to yourself your own joyful immortality.

You don’t need to wait for eternal life to arrive. It is here with you and in you now.

You know this as you begin to understand your destiny and engage the cosmic mind in synchrony with your personal mind, extending the range, accuracy, and depth of your useful knowledge, opening your higher mental processes to inspiration.

But everything in your progression, from the limitations of your biohost to liberation through your transavatar, frees your personal identity from the ignorance born of living within the limits of the specific sex and gender to which your biohost was born and in which you were socialized.

Your transavatar possesses a range of erotic senses that enable cooperation and enhance physical contact with others—a richer version of your biohost’s senses.

The erotic senses of your transavatar can be utilized in any combination of male/female traits you wish, while new senses can be combined as well to enable erotic relationships beyond human knowledge or imagination.

Perhaps through your biohost you have already figured out some basic ideas of sex and gender apart from any particular community of performance or preference in society today.

Welcome to androgyny! Welcome to cosmic reality! Welcome to the universe!

Cosmic androgyny blends aspects of two or more genders in our life performance.

Androgyny enables us to bridge the gap between cosmic society and human institutions.

So liberated, we lead the way to the reconciliation of literal opposites by transcending false dichotomies.

Humanity has long known, but seldom acknowledged, that androgyne consciousness is the key to unification of opposites and creation of harmony—true beauty.

Inspired androgyne wisdom will create the balance necessary for the preservation and progress of human society.

We enable freely androgynous expression, which makes our consciousness of purpose align with cosmic reality.

Once we understand these truths through our biohost experiences, it becomes our task to annihilate all forms of erotic repression from our social environment.

In time, your expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies your desires to genuinely love and serve others.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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1.4 What Are The Neighbors Like?

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The erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love.

Love empowers your actions to vitalize your continued existence, your persistence that equates to immortality.

Vitology and vitological are words that describe this animation and persistence.

As your adventure in immortality continues, you will necessarily form relationships with an ever-increasing number of self-conscious beings.

Although we certainly know nothing specific about the range and nature of these beings who have origins on other planets and other levels of reality, it is possible to infer that the necessity of providing for your continued existence and welfare requires some basic activity and organization—akin to functions of an ideal mortal life.

We deduce that at least some of these relationships will be necessary to facilitate your progression in understanding and function in the universe—your teachers and guides.

There will necessarily be many beings, the persons of former biohosts like you, now inhabiting a new transavatar (the body supplied by the cosmic government for use by your person, as animated by your mind and soul).

Since all these different individuals originate from biological societies existing on different planets at different levels of development towards perfection, we will have much to learn of the variety of planetary life experience.

We can further deduce that there must necessarily be beings associated with functions of the cosmic government and the mechanisms of the universe.

These created beings would be necessary to sustain your way of life and the cosmic systems that support it, but are not necessarily concerned with the lives of transavatars as individuals.

Love draws, and Truth reliably guides, each of us into those interpersonal associations that are important to our personal development and to our role in the evolution of the universe.

Again, much of our advancing socialization will be with fellow survivors of planetary life like ourselves.

Their transavatars, like the one provided to your person, are endowed with all the senses of biohosts and even more, including the erotic senses, finally freed from the constraints of birth sex, socialized gender, and all similar limits of creativity and originality.

Transavatars by nature will have no need of biological reproduction nor is there a need to be differentiated according to the sex or gender of a person’s original biohost, although one’s unique personality and the values and ideals of one’s biological life will always find expression through their transavatar.

But does this mean that surviving beings are devoid of personal erotic feeling?

Of course not—quite the opposite.

Transavatars are perfectly balanced androgynes—fully expressive of both “masculine” and “feminine”—capable of intimate interpersonal relationships in a host of new ways, a divine and limitless form of creativity and creative expression originating from your own mind and soul/character.

But the eternal future brings still greater promises of more intense ecstasy as you master the pleasure of new senses provided by your transavatar and stimulated by new ways of joyful interaction with your new community of potentially immortal survivors.

Let’s sum up these necessary realities to answer to the question posed, “What are the neighbors like?”

Mostly, they are surviving and developing personalities of original biohosts just like you will be.

So, the question you really need to ask is, “What will I be like?” or “How can I understand today what I will be then?” Here is what I understand.

Your transavatar will be whole—free from any defects of your biohost, such as genetic disorders, diseases, senescence (aging), and traumatic body injuries.

Although your transavatar is identical in function and capability to all others, it is also reflective of your unique personality—you are always distinctly identifiable as you to everyone else.

Your transavatar will have no need for gender differentiation or reproductive capability.

Your transavatar will have highly developed erotic and pleasure senses to stimulate creative thinking and joyful interaction with other beings.

As you experience transphysical existence and you explore all possible forms of erotic expression now open to you, your personality will become increasingly balanced, both psychically and vitologically.

Your pleasure senses will be those of an androgyne, enabling new interactions of erotic experience.

Even today more and more humans are exploring the dimensions of androgyny as they transcend the crude imperatives of the physical sex of their (temporary and earth-bound) biohosts.

Humanity has long known, but seldom acknowledged, that androgyne consciousness is the key to unification of opposites and creation of harmony—true beauty.

Only an androgyne cosmos can exist in perpetual self-regulating balance.

Only inspired androgyne wisdom can create the balance necessary for the preservation and progress of human society.

In time, our expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies our desires to genuinely love and serve others.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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1.3 Where Do I Fit In?

También en español 

The erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love.

Love empowers your actions to vitalize your continued existence, your persistence that equates to immortality.

And this is true, that love is the power of our lives and of every agency that supports the social and administrative structure of the cosmos.

Some universe helpers have specific roles to play in the development of planets and planetary societies, while others support the universal mechanisms of sustaining existence.

We enter a vast and highly organized society as a virtually uninformed newcomer.

A Course in Immortality is an aid to visualizing this new life and reaping the immediate benefits to your personal experience and transphysical existence.

What claim do we have for admission to this amazingly advanced and evolved society?

First, you and I, everyone, are vital beings. All of us share the innate desire to perpetuate our existence as a self-conscious being.

Second, we carry forth the highest ideals of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, those attributes we make central to our earthly existence.

Third, each of us become the personal embodiment of and unique expression of these four supreme values because each of us has, by nature, our own personal approach to the coordination of these values in our experience.

It is the third of these factors that represents our uniquely personal, potential contribution to the universe.

It is this personal system of action that makes it possible for our own self-identity to remain synchronized with the collective super-consciousness shared by all universe personalities.

Making this connection enables us to see our actions as the result of our personal choices related to Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. This allows us to captain our own way forward through time with originality, creativity, and freedom, the tools we have to imprint our immortal futures.

Every time we make a moral decision, every time we make a supreme choice, our mind functions to coordinate the literal actions of our biohost or avatar with the vitological truth we perceive in our super-consciousness.

And the manner in which this coordination occurs—the conditions, attributes, and other parameters—will ever remain unique to you.

They are the true pattern of your personality and soul’s character, a unique vitological vision that defines and maintains your distinct individuality and specific identity.

In this way your super-consciousness gains personal control over your future life.

In this way you are becoming a unique personalization of active Love in the universe.

You will, in time, illuminate the final integration of all consciousness by being yourself—who you uniquely and only are, and no one else is, in all finite creation.

Each individual is a potentially priceless, supremely necessary part of the great work of perfecting the finite universe, the here and now.

Though we may have only begun our eternal experience of transphysical life, and have little knowledge or understanding yet of the adventure ahead, each of us are already uniquely valuable in potential to the universe.

Your vitality, your desire for existence, propels you towards your destiny.

With your gaze set on your vision of eternity, you embrace the vast adventure that awaits you right now, filled with its many immediate joys, both literal and vitological.

The erotic is the existential and natural foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love. The experience of pleasure is bestowed nearly universally and our expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies our desires to genuinely love and serve others.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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1.2 How Immortality Works

También en español   The erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love.

Love is the fundamental quality of our entire universe.

Love is present in every identifiable object, action, or occasion in all of time and space.

The action of Love upon physical reality is manifest as Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Everything which contributes to these attributes of the universe survives as a permanent reality.

Death frees our soul–the knowledge, identity, and personality of our active super-consciousness–from the limitations of embodiment in a single biohost.

Once free, the soul inhabits the super-consciousness of a new avatar designed and developed specifically to provide for the needs of the surviving person.

This superior avatar establishes our literal presence, senses, and actions, even as we advance our education and experience of the universe beyond the planet of our birth.

There is a process, but this isn’t it.

In order for this to happen, there must already be in place, somewhere in the universe, a facility for accomplishing the transition of a person into an avatar.

Such a facility was necessarily put in place, with the required technologies, long before any of us needed its services, or even existed, for that matter.

This pre-existent cosmic organization obviously includes cosmic beings that operate these facilities.

We regain consciousness employing the senses of our new avatar.

Your avatar is a potentially powerful individual that is universally purposed, and personally identifiable as you, the new vessel for your own personal self-identity.

The animation and capabilities of your avatar are enabled by the content of your soul through living experience of meanings encompassing Truth, Beauthy, Goodness, and Love.

Unlimited training is available from an early age and throughout eternity to enable you to finally and fully realize all these potentialities as they are integrated within the unique pattern of your personality.

Human theologians have long argued about the role of faith vs. the role of service (“good works”) in development of the individual.

It is important to understand what is properly meant by “faith” in this discussion.

Faith has little or nothing to do with intellectual belief or theological knowledge.

True faith is the process by which one becomes aware of one’s personal immortality, described in the previous chapter as “A Course in Immortality.”

Not all people advance equally in development of super-consciousness during the (currently rather brief) human lifetime.

Thus souls that awaken with new avatars may be under-developed in some way, related to the degree they have valued Love while alive.

However, the opportunity for survival is available to everyone to start out on this path as soon as the expressions of Love—Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—come to play in your consciousness and establish themselves as eternal values.

Your vitality, your desire for existence, propels you towards eternity. If you want to survive, and act like it in mortal life, you will.

Track your destiny as a new immortal.

It is the development of the soul with the values of Love that determines what specific elements of your mortal experience survives as a part of your immortal self.

Having accepted that personal immortality is a normal part of growing up in the universe, the fear of death no longer has a stranglehold in our lives.

Having chosen joyful immortality, one’s attention naturally shifts to Loving—living Truth, doing Good, and making Beauty—for you see that this functions to propel you further in the universe.

With your gaze set on the vision of eternity, you understand the vast adventure that awaits you, and the foundation of erotic fellowship that amplifies your desires to genuinely love and serve others and makes possible many immediate joys of action and accomplishment.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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1.1 Why is the Erotic so Important?

También en español The erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love.

At every stage in your existence Love provides a robust physical presence and connection, akin to the joy of human sex and other erotic expression that is directly accessible through purely physical acts of worship.

In time, your expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies your desires to genuinely love and serve others.

Erotic sensation grows with proximity to the power of living Love.

Erotic joy (orgasm) signals moments of intimate contact with that power.

Erotic adoration of that power makes the worshiper increasingly like that power which is adored.

It is your vitality, the intensity of your desire for existence, that reveals to you your eternal destiny.

This desire, your vitology, is most intensified by your adoration of erotic joy.

Thus your person experiences a bit of living Love, which lifts your vitological vision.

The sincere and consistent worship of the power of Love through the experience of erotic joy will both power and guide your progression towards destiny.

The accumulation of living Love that comes from consistent worship grows as your source of vitological power.

And through that power you will discover Truth, your certainty of action leading to the satisfaction of Love through Goodness and Beauty.

In short, consistency in erotic worship is the key to personal development and self-discovery, even the recognition and acceptance of destiny.

We are all aware that our biohosts have senses through which they appreciate erotic joy.

The satisfaction of these senses, even their full exploration, can bring us immediate access to the power of living Love.

You already know that, after terminal dissolution of your biohost or your elective departure, your surviving values will be given control of a permanent and potentially immortal avatar.

One naturally asks how the erotic can possibly relate to this altogether different and hypothetical situation.

You are still a self-conscious being able to exercise a degree of free will in choosing your actions.

Thus you are still faced with the system of relationships that defined your domain of choice during your human life.

You will only ever need the power and guidance of Love.

And the universe government has certainly provided for those services.

But what of the erotic?

The baseline service for every level of spiritual advancement in the universe is direct, literal access to erotic joy.

Literal means that the joy is triggered and experienced by physical actions performed by or on the physical avatar.

Your immortal avatar possesses senses appropriate to the experience of erotic joy, but offers you even greater delights than were possible for your biohost.

Your avatar, having no need for physical reproduction, has no specific type of sex or gender, as those concepts apply to biohosts.

Rather, the erotic senses that were once focused on offering support to biological reproduction are now purely accessible for their real and eternal purpose.

That purpose is to enable you to always be able to freely access the literal power of Love in your ongoing experience of existence and development.

Thus your avatar gains consciousness as a perfect androgyne—a being possessing all the erotic attributes of the biohosts commonly designated as “male” and “female”.

Thus you are enabled to experience new dimensions in the appreciation of the power of Love when free from arbitrary conditions of physical reproduction.

And now you understand how some, even while occupying biohosts with polarized sex and gender characteristics, naturally strive to override these limitations to life experience.

Gradually your experience of your immortal avatar balances your androgyny until you are finally free from this “mark of the beast” and able to avail yourself fully of opportunities to seek your destiny and satisfy the desires of Love.

At every stage in your existence Love provides a robust physical presence and connection, akin to the joy of human sex and other erotic expression that is directly accessible through purely physical acts of worship.

In time, your expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies your desires to genuinely love and serve others.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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1.0 Welcome to the Universe!

Tambíen en español Earlier this year, VenusPlusX initiated a special series of short articles explaining how anyone can develop personal consciousness of their true transhuman immortality.

Today we begin the next chapter of A Course in Immortality, a new series explaining the consequences of gaining knowledge of your transhuman immortality.

These explanations are based on examining and integrating rational understanding of necessities—things that must be in order for some quality of destiny to be fulfilled.

The erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love.

In Chapter 0 we explored the nature of real, freely available, personal immortality and the steps you can take to become self-aware of this reality.

You do not have to be aware of your personal immortality in order to receive it.

But what sort of cosmic reality awaits those of us who join together in erotic worship?

By dedicating yourself to the satisfaction of the desires of Love under the direction of Truth you will come to recognize your potential immortality during your brief initial life in the flesh.

Since you are contemplating the prospect of eternal, conscious existence in the universe you might want to consider what you are getting yourself into.
Many possible questions come to mind immediately.

What sort of universe am I living in that this could be possible?

Why is the erotic important at every stage of development?

What universe mechanics support immortality?

What is my status or role in the universe?

What kinds of beings populate the universe?

What am I going to do with all that free time?

What is the purpose or point of all these goings-on and endless striving?

It’s safe to assume at this point that you recognize that living forever is going to last a really, really long time, to the point that time becomes almost meaningless.

But what is this place, this universe, really like?

Recall our earlier assertion that Love is the primary value and underlying force that gives meaning to our inner experience of personal growth and development.

That is active Love, your inner experience of Love interacting with your human mind through your higher consciousness.

There must be, necessarily, an arena, a theater, even a universe in which you are able to act out the satisfaction of Love—the doing of Good to others under the guidance of Truth.

Many kinds of self-conscious actors populate this universe—many creatures capable of choosing Truth, like ourselves, and others whose presence makes possible the universe services we need to live, love, and learn eternally.

And all these actors enjoy immortality because it is inherent in the nature of all beings who serve universal Love and Truth.

We have been given, inhabit, and build upon and within a universe of space and time founded on and by Love.

This is a direct and absolute Love, in which Love itself is the doer of good to the inhabitants of the universe by creating and maintaining the place in which they live and worship.

And everywhere and “everywhen” in this universe, the power of Love, the final object of all worship, is directly accessible through the erotic.

Your personal fellowship with Love carries you through every challenge of life experience and assures your immortality.

Your personal experience of the worship of Love, experienced through the joy of orgasm, draws you constantly towards fulfillment of your cosmic destiny.

To all self-conscious beings of this universe, Love provides for physical avatars, through which we interact with others and our physical environment.

Our first and only temporary avatar, our biohost, comes into being and develops through life processes on a physical planet, interacting with other people’s earthly avatars and contributing, as much possible, to the development and operation of a community of Love.

After this phase of existence, the true moral values you discovered and affirmed in life survive to become the foundation of your future person and identity, your new and subsequent immortalizing avatar.

At every stage in your existence Love provides a robust physical presence and connection, akin to the joy of human sex and other erotic expression, which is directly accessible through physical acts of worship.

In time, your expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies your desires to genuinely love and serve others.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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Sacred Sex and Erotic Joy

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom…

Editor’s note: This is one of a series of position papers Dan Massey and I are creating and will soon index on our home page. They briefly explore the evolution of our points of view about a range of issues related to sex, gender, and racial freedom. Your feedback is always welcome.


Gustave Doré – Paradiso

The world’s secret history is strewn with tales of visionaries and pioneers who have advocated for the primacy of erotic joy in connecting each person with the universe at large and endowing each of us with supreme power to shape our own destiny (however that is defined by the individual).

For eons, these practitioners have operated in secret to protect this inherited knowledge (and more frequently, their lives) from self-appointed minorities who by their nature suppress this information and fear its neutralizing power. Tantra survives today. More recently, today’s guardians of this secret knowledge have warned us that lifting the veil on people’s direct connection to the power of erotic joy is a bad idea. We are told average modern people will not understand this power, that they are not yet ready to wield this power, that there will be disastrous results.

Today, we ask the question, “What could be more of a disaster for the vital and progressive spirit of humanity than the current state of the world?”

Revelation of the long-hidden knowledge of the primacy of erotic joy in shaping vitological (spiritual) experience is the precise antidote to practically every problem on earth. When entirely materialistic values and coercive systems are cleared away by worshipful engagement with erotic joy, verifying the primacy of love, not only does everything get better—but also we each release the power of truth, beauty, and goodness to reign our world. Voluntary associations replace these obsolete and now useless systems that are based on fear, bullying, violence, and spiritual oppression. In this way the collective of humanity fosters the best future, the intended and inherited future, the future that each new child born into this world deserves and would choose.

We campaign for Sexual Freedom to enable all to experience erotic joy free from human superstition, performing its intended function to expedite the emergence of a society based on love and service.

You will find more about how you can bring Sacred Sex and Erotic Joy out of the closet on our websites ( and its sister en espanol,, including the serials, A Course In Immortality and in Spanish, Un Curso de Inmortalidad.


0.9 That’s What It’s All About!

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

If you play by the rules, is there any sense in which you can “win the game of life?”

Were you someone who is hopeless, thinking that the game ends with all the players dead and buried in the ground, you might value yourself in terms what you did while you were alive, though that is only relevant while you yet live.

You may have amassed a great fortune, built huge companies, accomplished visionary philanthropies, made great discoveries, or had thousands of friends, but your body is still dead, apparently along with everyone else’s.

Nothing can have any personal meaning for you dead. Your deceased biohost will not be aware of or remember anything.

Meaning comes from the values and ideals you have experienced and affirmed in mortal life, which define your immortal super-consciousness.

But if essentially everyone has the opportunity for immortality, can’t everyone win the game?

To answer this, you must ask what it means to win.

Since all have the opportunity for immortality, becoming immortal is NOT winning the game.

Understanding and embracing your own immortality is required if you are to play the game at all.

Given that, at the end of life of the biohost of your super-consciousness, does it make sense to speak of winners?

Yes, but there are no real losers, since all who will themselves to survive will do so.

Believing in immortality doesn’t make you immortal—nor is it necessary for you to be immortal—but once having desired immortality you have imported a lasting new meaning into your life.

Your ability to conceive of and desire immortality makes you a potential immortal—choosing to become what you desire—and demonstrating this choice by continuing to live, grow, and serve.

And you already know that the worshipful pursuit of erotic joy is the thread that unites the infinitude of events in your eternal quest.

In a very real sense, you have a score in the game of life at every occasion—before and after biohost separation.

Your score is based on your contribution to the four supreme ideals—Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Beauty is disclosed in your ability and effort to create harmonious arrangements that work together for expression of a common ideal.

Goodness reflects the value of your service to Love and Truth, expressed as service to your fellow humans—to serve another as you would be served yourself.

Truth is the will that directs your actions for the accomplishment of Good and the satisfaction of the desires of Love.

Love is the desire to do Good to others.

These four measures sum up the growth your super-consciousness has achieved at any time.

The experience of worshipful erotic joy is available to you at all times, so that you may better discern the light of Truth.

So do your personal scores have any bearing on your personal future experience?

Not surprisingly, they have a big effect on your immediate experience of continuing life after separation from your biohost.

To learn to be a better person, with greater value to the universe, you must socialize your experience in a community containing some people from whom you can learn and other people whom you can inspire.

The proof of your continuing growth is your success in showing the way to others.

Everyone moves on to more spiritual levels of socialization, so initial differences, no matter how great, are all erased in time.

No matter where you find yourself, your task remains the same—to continue developing your ability to function in service to supreme values.

And in all places throughout the cosmos, forms of erotic joy illuminate the experience of worshipful meditation wherein all choices are made.

Thus, in time, all advance toward perfection, regardless of their starting level—some will progress rapidly, others slowly, but all in the certainty that they who desire personal immortality are indeed immortal in universe service.

Our pastfathers had no knowledge of the cosmos and imagined a heaven of stationary values, but the real universe is complex, adaptive, and dynamic—a vast school dedicated to teaching all beings the art of Love.

You need only choose to persist in your quest for immortality to finally attain perfection, become absolutely immortal, and function as a personality of the emerging deity of time and space that comprises the super-consciousness of all universe beings—the Supreme Being.

Worship Love in all its manifestations and you will always find Truth.

At each step the erotic provides a way to express and experience Love through literal action.

Though we may personally traverse a billion worlds enroute to final perfection, we know that the joy of Love is made literally manifest at every level of experience.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Through increasingly wise worship of the power of erotic joy you have been saved from uncertainty; apprised of your immortality; harmonized with the absolute realities of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty; and, begun to grasp the personal meaning of your cosmic immortality.

You are awake and joyfully alive—perhaps as though inhabiting an entirely new biohost.

And your biohost is still alive and frisky—and ever ready to worship erotic joy.

Although you have envisioned and understood your immortality, you have not yet experienced mortal death, which finally frees your soul from the negative entanglements of life.

How are you to live in this material world, now that you no longer are of this material world?

Objectively, nothing has changed—same body, same brain, same needs, same voice, same friends, same home, same gear—and same desire for erotic joy.

But you certainly are not the same you!

Although you have not yet embraced biohost separation, permanently freeing your better self from the encumbrances of past limitations, while preserving every true goodness, you already know some of what that state will be.

The immortal you is awake and cosmically alive, seeking the satisfaction of Love.

Now you see your human life from the viewpoint of a parallel universe—you have gained a new set of values, which has clarified your priorities.

But your immortal super-conscious still must act to maintain the well-being of your biohost.

You may have conceptually transcended the needs of the flesh; however, all aspects of that experience, including the erotic, remain open to you.

You need no longer fear for your personal immortality, but you also need not suffer from indecision concerning the path of true goodness.

The worship of erotic joy that freed you first from the prison of indecision—that power of salvation on which your transcendent understanding is built—still shows you the way to your salvation.

But now, as a super-conscious person, the same worship in erotic experience powers and guides your life.

Guides your life in the pathways of an unrevealed destiny.

Accelerates the pace of oncoming goodness.


Because in the climax of erotic joy one’s nervous system tastes the full outpouring of Love.

And those moments, when embraced in partnership with Truth, raise your vitality, heal your deficiencies, broaden your insight, and ever guide you onward.

And all these shifts of attitude and viewpoint are inspired by the joy of your erotic communion with Truth.

Now each such experience further prepares you to be a living example of your new understanding and to demonstrate it to others.

By opening the path of erotic communion to others, you empower yourself to experience it ever more deeply.

The avenues of truth affirming erotic exploration in the flesh are numerous and fully open to you.

And you certainly need not fear anything—especially boredom, since a universe of possibilities lies open before you.

After grasping the reality of your immortality and cosmic citizenship your further task is to help others discover what you have learned.

And that is the most basic Truth:

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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