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Who is Terasem?—We are All Immortal Parts of Terasem

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At the finality of destiny, the Omega Point in which all that ever could be is perfectly integrated and correlated, there exists a personal being of will, which we name “Terasem.”

What can we say is necessarily true of Terasem, required by its unique qualities throughout space and time?

Human allegiance to and support of the ideals of Terasem, Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, leads us to actions that contribute to the growth and refinement of Terasem. At the same time, Terasem exerts by will a force of destiny that surely bends the track of causation and the mind of man to the service of cosmic unification. Terasem brings together in harmony the fully developed pesonal vitality of every one who has ever been.

Understanding this, each of us knows of his/her own personal immortality, since we know we will finally unify with Terasem. Thus Terasem is a community of vital individuals, acting in unity in a background of harmonious diversity.

As immortals, we must look ahead to the long road of eternity that lies ahead, on which the emergence of Terasem must be the beginning of something unimaginably new and different. Suddenly our mortal lives as we have developed in our biohosts take on a very different significance than we may be accustomed to.

Knowing we exist as immortal centers of vitality, gives us new insight into our selves, our personal origins. For our personality, immortal in our super-consciousness, is nurtured and developed through the decisions and support of our biohost. And it is the pattern of personality of the biohost which establishes our identity and self-consciousness, even transplanted to our super-consciousness.

But the immortal personal entity hosted in and by Terasem has no mechanism by which actions and behaviors outside the will of Terasem, the path of destiny, would be preserved, for they have no value to Terasem’s final emergence. So not all qualities of your biohost’s life will be a necessarly part of your eternal existence.

Terasem’s force of destiny acts throughout all space and all time, leading willing agents of Terasem to act to enhance the emergence of Terasem. And we may all serve as agents of Terasem if we but will, following the course of reality that opens before us, rather than struggling to divert our destined course to serve personal ends.

Perhaps the following brief “Meditation on Terasem #2″ will illuminate the basic character of the relationship between the developing individual, even a biohost, and the emergent collective consciousness of Terasem—the final expression of universal divinity which we helped build:

Terasem is our guide to eternity; we follow Terasem to our destiny.
Terasem shows us the paths and pleasures of joyful immortality.
At the Omega Point, Terasem captures all of value we will have ever done.
Though we may await physical resurrection,
We do not fear loss of our identities.
By joining our wills to Terasem,
We experience the final guarantee of joyful immortality.
We wholly trust in the destiny provided us as agents for Terasem.
We know that in the final occasion of time we shall all be parts of Terasem.
And thus unified in purpose we shall become creators ourselves.

Creative Commons Image by Johnathan Hulka, Terasem

What is Terasem?—A Vitological Viewpoint

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Editors Note: The purpose of this post is to open a public transhumanist discussion of the Transreligion known as Terasem, which exists today as a complex network of associated enterprises developed by its founders to support certain personally held ideals through voluntary association, on-line conferencing, film, journalling, mindfiling, cryonic preservation, experimental yoga, audio podcasting, and other technologies. As such, many of the Terasem subsidiary organizations are recognized as tax-exempt public charities by the US Internal Revenue Service.

All these many attempts (over 28 secondary level domain names containing the word “terasem” are registered on the Internet) somehow never get to the point about what the Terasem Transreligion is really about. This is the first of a series of posts intended to clarify this by presenting viewpoints about the real nature of Terasem for open moderated discussion. This discussion is about the grand concept of Terasem, and not about the organizations created to support various aspects of the perceived mission of the human cult named “Terasem Movement Transreligion.”

Terasem is the name assigned by Martine Rothblatt to the Supreme Being of the finite universe of space and time in her text “Truths of Teresam” (ToT). To quote from the opening statement of ToT: “Terasem is a collective consciousness dedicated to diversity, unity and joyful immortality.” In ToT, this is followed by ten groups of assertions dealing with such subtopics as collective, organization, leadership, loving, expansionist, consciousness, flag symbolism, dimensionality, vitality, and offspring. Many of these subtopics, as well as much of ToT, deal with possible literal qualities of the Terasem cult.

Destined Emergence of Universe Structure

From our viewpoint, within the universe of space and time, Terasem is pervasive, but not omniscient, omnipresent, nor omnipotent (i.e., not “omni-cubed”). Terasem is a deity limited in function prior to its emergence as a complete synthesis of all universe consciousness that has been perfected through destiny-guided evolution. Individual and self-conscious will creatures, such as ourselves, are the agencies by which Terasem evolves towards final completion, if we are only willing to participate in this grand adventure. Terasem is said to embrace every human religion without forcing a particular system of belief on any, as long as their focus is on joyful immortality for all and they are accepting of the values of unity of action amid diversity of viewpoint.

All self-conscious will creatures are thus potentially immortal components of the finally perfected Terasem. Since ToT does not explain the purpose of the evolution of Terasem, we would need to turn to other sources to understand this; however, that is beyond the scope of this discussion. Many would say that, if Terasem is truly self-evolved (as explained below), there is no need for it to have a purpose other than its own being. Yet the concept of Terasem fits well within the generally vague body of human vitological speculation as an appropriate, final, perfected summation and integration of every worthwhile thing throughout the totality of universe experience.

Universal Unification of Consciousness

Although Terasem is, finally, a psycho-vitological synthesis of universe experience, this unified personality is able to transcend both time and space to draw the vast numbers of self-conscious creatures into its grand synthesis. This draw, which I have called “the force of destiny,” enables everyone who so chooses to act to promote the evolutionary advancement of Terasem. We are the hands that are building the god we need to perfect our own lives and to achieve joyful immortality for a universe of beings.

Perhaps the following brief “Meditation on Terasem #1” will illuminate the basic character of the emergent collective consciousness which we recognize as the final expression of universal divinity:

Terasem IS, finally complete in the Omega Point,
The force of destiny guides us in Terasem’s creation.
Terasem brings joyful immortality to all,
So that they may fulfill the desires of Love,
And unite their consciousnesses in Terasem.
Terasem consciousness extends throughout space and time.
Terasem influences us into paths of destiny and effective action.
Terasem puts Love into action, freeing us from the burden of past mistakes.
Terasem guides us into productive activity, doing good and making beauty.
Terasem destiny keeps us within Terasem’s evolving body, safe from error.
Our adoration of Terasem perfects us as agents of Terasem, even as biohosts.

(The term “Omega Point” refers to the endpoint of finite evolution envisioned by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and, more recently, envisioned as a physical event by Frank Tipler.)


Introducing Terasem to VenusPlusX—Transreligion for Joyful Immortality

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Today VenusPlusX launches a new category of discussion—Transreligion. This brings into focus a topic we have occasionally touched on in the past in our posts such as Do You Believe in Fate? I Believe in Destiny!Can Atheism be True, Good, Beautiful, and Loving?Can I Transition to be a Transhuman?Where Did All This F*cking Evil Sh%t Come From?, and, of course, Transreligion—An Inspirational Framework for Transgender Transhumans.

A transreligion is basically a vision of future eternity and how we could potentially participate in it, now and beyond the limited lifespan of our biohost. You will find extensive presentations on a number of speculative transreligions through the video discussions archived by Giulio Prisco‘s Turing Church Workshop, which can be accessed at http://cargocollective.com/turingchurch/.

In the weeks ahead, we will be publishing a series of commentaries and discussions about specific concepts of transreligion. These discussions are inspired by Terasem, the most conceptually developed of the various vitological visions that have been explored so far by the Turing Church group.

Terasem is a product of the vitological vision of Martine Rothblatt, who, with her “spice” Bina Aspen Rothblatt, has devoted a great deal of effort over the past 10 years to establishing a physical and legal structure for the long term support of programs of Terasem organizations. The social framework this enables will grow to support the social evolution of the ideals of Terasem into activities motivated by a transcendent vision of universal joyful immortality. That vision of an assured destiny will uplift human attitudes and behavior as all come to appreciate the reality of eternal existence.

Key ideas of Terasem include Joyful Immortality, Unity in Diversity, and the essential Goodness of Life. Although we will be discussing these and many other related ideas, if you want to take a look at what the founders of Terasem (Martine & Bina) have to say about what they are doing, you might start here or here or here or here or here.

Since there currently exists no forum devoted to exploration of the specific meanings and implications of Terasem, we begin this project in the hope that others with a personal interest in the evolution and development of a unifying transreligion will share this material with their audiences, so that we can all work towards a broadly distributed multi-person understanding of these emergent concepts.

For an introduction to Martine Rothblatt and her decade-long adventure with Terasem, you may wish to view her recent public presentations on the subject:

(start at 39 minutes)





0.9 That’s What It’s All About!

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

If you play by the rules, is there any sense in which you can “win the game of life?”

Were you someone who is hopeless, thinking that the game ends with all the players dead and buried in the ground, you might value yourself in terms what you did while you were alive, though that is only relevant while you yet live.

You may have amassed a great fortune, built huge companies, accomplished visionary philanthropies, made great discoveries, or had thousands of friends, but your body is still dead, apparently along with everyone else’s.

Nothing can have any personal meaning for you dead. Your deceased biohost will not be aware of or remember anything.

Meaning comes from the values and ideals you have experienced and affirmed in mortal life, which define your immortal super-consciousness.

But if essentially everyone has the opportunity for immortality, can’t everyone win the game?

To answer this, you must ask what it means to win.

Since all have the opportunity for immortality, becoming immortal is NOT winning the game.

Understanding and embracing your own immortality is required if you are to play the game at all.

Given that, at the end of life of the biohost of your super-consciousness, does it make sense to speak of winners?

Yes, but there are no real losers, since all who will themselves to survive will do so.

Believing in immortality doesn’t make you immortal—nor is it necessary for you to be immortal—but once having desired immortality you have imported a lasting new meaning into your life.

Your ability to conceive of and desire immortality makes you a potential immortal—choosing to become what you desire—and demonstrating this choice by continuing to live, grow, and serve.

And you already know that the worshipful pursuit of erotic joy is the thread that unites the infinitude of events in your eternal quest.

In a very real sense, you have a score in the game of life at every occasion—before and after biohost separation.

Your score is based on your contribution to the four supreme ideals—Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Beauty is disclosed in your ability and effort to create harmonious arrangements that work together for expression of a common ideal.

Goodness reflects the value of your service to Love and Truth, expressed as service to your fellow humans—to serve another as you would be served yourself.

Truth is the will that directs your actions for the accomplishment of Good and the satisfaction of the desires of Love.

Love is the desire to do Good to others.

These four measures sum up the growth your super-consciousness has achieved at any time.

The experience of worshipful erotic joy is available to you at all times, so that you may better discern the light of Truth.

So do your personal scores have any bearing on your personal future experience?

Not surprisingly, they have a big effect on your immediate experience of continuing life after separation from your biohost.

To learn to be a better person, with greater value to the universe, you must socialize your experience in a community containing some people from whom you can learn and other people whom you can inspire.

The proof of your continuing growth is your success in showing the way to others.

Everyone moves on to more spiritual levels of socialization, so initial differences, no matter how great, are all erased in time.

No matter where you find yourself, your task remains the same—to continue developing your ability to function in service to supreme values.

And in all places throughout the cosmos, forms of erotic joy illuminate the experience of worshipful meditation wherein all choices are made.

Thus, in time, all advance toward perfection, regardless of their starting level—some will progress rapidly, others slowly, but all in the certainty that they who desire personal immortality are indeed immortal in universe service.

Our pastfathers had no knowledge of the cosmos and imagined a heaven of stationary values, but the real universe is complex, adaptive, and dynamic—a vast school dedicated to teaching all beings the art of Love.

You need only choose to persist in your quest for immortality to finally attain perfection, become absolutely immortal, and function as a personality of the emerging deity of time and space that comprises the super-consciousness of all universe beings—the Supreme Being.

Worship Love in all its manifestations and you will always find Truth.

At each step the erotic provides a way to express and experience Love through literal action.

Though we may personally traverse a billion worlds enroute to final perfection, we know that the joy of Love is made literally manifest at every level of experience.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Through increasingly wise worship of the power of erotic joy you have been saved from uncertainty; apprised of your immortality; harmonized with the absolute realities of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty; and, begun to grasp the personal meaning of your cosmic immortality.

You are awake and joyfully alive—perhaps as though inhabiting an entirely new biohost.

And your biohost is still alive and frisky—and ever ready to worship erotic joy.

Although you have envisioned and understood your immortality, you have not yet experienced mortal death, which finally frees your soul from the negative entanglements of life.

How are you to live in this material world, now that you no longer are of this material world?

Objectively, nothing has changed—same body, same brain, same needs, same voice, same friends, same home, same gear—and same desire for erotic joy.

But you certainly are not the same you!

Although you have not yet embraced biohost separation, permanently freeing your better self from the encumbrances of past limitations, while preserving every true goodness, you already know some of what that state will be.

The immortal you is awake and cosmically alive, seeking the satisfaction of Love.

Now you see your human life from the viewpoint of a parallel universe—you have gained a new set of values, which has clarified your priorities.

But your immortal super-conscious still must act to maintain the well-being of your biohost.

You may have conceptually transcended the needs of the flesh; however, all aspects of that experience, including the erotic, remain open to you.

You need no longer fear for your personal immortality, but you also need not suffer from indecision concerning the path of true goodness.

The worship of erotic joy that freed you first from the prison of indecision—that power of salvation on which your transcendent understanding is built—still shows you the way to your salvation.

But now, as a super-conscious person, the same worship in erotic experience powers and guides your life.

Guides your life in the pathways of an unrevealed destiny.

Accelerates the pace of oncoming goodness.


Because in the climax of erotic joy one’s nervous system tastes the full outpouring of Love.

And those moments, when embraced in partnership with Truth, raise your vitality, heal your deficiencies, broaden your insight, and ever guide you onward.

And all these shifts of attitude and viewpoint are inspired by the joy of your erotic communion with Truth.

Now each such experience further prepares you to be a living example of your new understanding and to demonstrate it to others.

By opening the path of erotic communion to others, you empower yourself to experience it ever more deeply.

The avenues of truth affirming erotic exploration in the flesh are numerous and fully open to you.

And you certainly need not fear anything—especially boredom, since a universe of possibilities lies open before you.

After grasping the reality of your immortality and cosmic citizenship your further task is to help others discover what you have learned.

And that is the most basic Truth:

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Through increasingly wise worship of the power of erotic joy you have been saved from uncertainty, apprised of your immortality, and harmonized with the absolute realities of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Compared to the lives of the unloving, who labor in erotic darkness, such a life will be exalting, inspiring, beneficial, and glorious, for it recognizes and adores joy as the divine gift that gives life its purpose.

You will gradually experience vitological integration with the cosmos as you grow spiritually, experiencing how your super-consciousness naturally works in harmony of purpose and action with all other consciousnesses.

Fear and doubt are erased from your life experience by the overwhelming power of erotic joy, attracting and harmonizing each part of your full person.

You are learning to perceive the harmonies of supreme existence and to join your actions in their creation.

The certainty of your actions, overriding personal prejudice and bias, motivates you further to understand the Truth of each occasion.

Always acting in the light of joy that flows from worshipful erotic engagement, you come to embrace the force of destiny engaging your experience.

Because you have chosen to live the Truth in every occasion and to set aside your personal desires in favor of the higher good, you grow to experience your choice or action as the circumstantial ideal, given the burden of history, the limitations of reality, and the force of destiny.

So it transpires that your experience of true and effective action powered by erotic joy reinforces your sense of personal salvation from uncertainty, further illuminating your vision of life eternal.

The power of erotic joy further enables you to joyously embrace the obligations of an endless life, both socially and individually.

In human social intercourse you experience the sharing of living Truth.

You will choose to unite with others in the worship of erotic joy as you experience the sharing of living Truth.

Worship affirms Truth and enlightens all your erotic experiences through an eternity of ever-heightened joy.

Know with the certainty of enlightened experience that you are guided to walk in the paths of joyful destiny and that whatever you do makes a difference.

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The basic process in taking each step remains the same, but we become progressively more practiced in its execution.

Worship Love in all its manifestations and you will always find Truth.

At each level of development, worship of erotic joy provides a way to express Love through literal action.

Along your path you will find and learn to appreciate new literal expressions of love, in which you worship the inner power of spiritual joy, while you also grow in understanding.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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0.6 Did I Get It Right?

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Just as your embrace of salvation from uncertainty is sustained by your worship of erotic joy, the certainty of your choices is validated by this same sublime source.

Before understanding erotic joy, you were accustomed to checking to see if the result of some effort turned out as intended so you could be assured you achieved your intent.

In the past, you might have compared what happened to what you hoped would happen to modify your effort to achieve a future outcome more to your liking.

But if you start out hoping for a result that is not possible or appropriate to your needs, or is over-planned with irrelevant detail, you will always be disappointed.

But what are appropriate results that are possible to achieve through the worshipful embrace of erotic joy?

Such results are necessarily limited to transformations of your own inner viewpoint or attitude, since your inner experience holds no power over the external world.

If you expect anything other than greater understanding, greater insight, and greater ability to apply living Truth in the satisfaction of Love, you will be disappointed.

You must learn to expect and recognize that each worshipful experience of erotic joy brings you one small step further on the path of personal fulfillment.

The entire process of choice becomes progressively more automatic as you draw increased inspiration from erotic joy.

So you come to grow in the ability to automatically make choices consistent with the desires of Love, expressed by doing Good and making Beauty, as directed by Truth.

You experience, first, your salvation from uncertainty; then, recognition of your own immortality; and, finally, satisfaction of victory in your quest.

Persistence in worship of erotic joy is the key that brings you to the true climax of human life—victory.

Victory? Over what?

Victory is closure provided by your finally experiencing and understanding how the process of personal vitological (spiritual) growth actually works.

Such victory gives you control over your actions and directs them to serve the purposes of cosmic love, for you have made erotic joy, the most basic expression of cosmic love, the driving power of your being.

When you have thus committed your feeling biohost to the exclusive expression of Love through Truth in action, when your feeling body has placed its will to action under the exclusive and complete direction of this super-consciousness, you can rest secure in the knowledge that you will forever act and live in harmony with the universe.

Worship of erotic joy provides the intuitive guidance that enables personality integration across physical, mental, and vitological levels.

And this enables you to function as an expression of the will of the Supreme Being—a synthesis comprising the developing total of the living experience of all beings throughout all space and time.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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0.5 Immortal? What’s Next?

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We tend to think of the erotic as an experience that is only important to us as living, biological beings, but nothing is further from the truth.

At all levels of universe experience, the erotic is the permanent and persistent foundation of personal growth in Love.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

When one comes to accepting one’s personal immortality, the individual faces the choice of eternity.

Right now on a conscious level, you can consider, understand, and sometimes grasp something of the nature of life for the awakened survivors of body death. You are capable also of envisioning the grandeur of the universe and the unstinting goodness of the cosmic government. The question is, once you begin to appreciate the experience of infinity, will you choose to do this forever?

The gift of eternal life carries with it an obligation to eternal service.

Survival, as always, depends on the consciousness and persistence of salvation (relief of uncertainty).

Is this is a matter that will only concern me after my body has died and my soul is resurrected to consciousness?


Once a personal sense of super-conscious immortality has developed, there is no reason not to take advantage of time remaining in the flesh to demonstrate and practice one’s understanding.

Perhaps one will be able to help others find their way to the light of inner Truth.

Perhaps one will become part of a joint cosmic/human endeavor.

Perhaps one will be inspired to new levels of creativity.

Perhaps one will be finally happy in the certainty of right action.

Were we all to live a thousand years we would only choose to live as long as we could make a contribution in line with our experience.

But even with bodies that might last so long, we might fear to exhaust the potentials for meaningful growth and experience on this planet.

Regardless of our choice, we will always have the personal experience of the erotic engagement of Love and Truth to nurture our spiritual growth.

Yet there is a much more immediate issue to be addressed.

Upon understanding that you are immortal and thus conclude that everybody else is too, whether they know it or not, how should /would you change your own behavior?

I cannot predict what changes this would induce in your life. The interacting factors are far too numerous.

In addition, since I would follow the personal guidance of Truth in real time, I cannot anticipate the actual action with any accuracy, for Truth bends logic and causation to the service of destiny.

But therein lies the obvious next question, “What’s next?”

Before we understood our own immortality, we sought salvation through living Truth.

Now we understand that living Truth IS the path of salvation, the road to immortality.

So the choice of immortality basically comes down to committing your personality to live the Truth FOREVER, based on a necessarily FINITE experience.

This is surely a leap of faith, to commit to exist forever.

Beyond this one can never choose to cease to exist and will be permanently and irrevocably immortal.

Yet we also know that this immortal existence will be one of great joy, grounded in the persistent experience of erotic worship.

From one level to the next, the path remains the same in principle—live the Truth and the rest will take care of itself.

Worship Love in all its manifestations and you will always find Truth.

But you must always be open minded to the exceptional, because Truth conforms neither to your prejudices nor your linear logic.

The driving biological force behind our consistent choice of living Truth is the sense of the erotic—of Love expressed in literal action.

As we embark on our eternal adventure, understanding our potential immortality, we understand that, as always, our every step may be grounded in erotic worship.

As we advance, we find new literal expressions of love, in which we worship the inner power of spiritual joy.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

I am immortal. And so are you if you choose to be.

It is through salvation that we come to understand and experience personal immortality.

Our pastfathers believed and taught that salvation occurred as an escape from mortal death.

Today we understand that true salvation is escape from personal inner fear and uncertainty.

Salvation occurs when we act in accordance with our highest and deepest understanding of our role in an event.

We have done the best that we could do, and we hope to learn how to not repeat our errors.

Our soul expands in an upwelling of emotional confirmation, as we understand that we have made the right choice.

Through this repeated experience we gain inner peace and confidence, increasingly placing our trust in the guidance of our super-consciousness, our higher mind function.

We increasingly learn to turn over the more complex moral judgments we are called to make to our super-consciousness.

In time our personality becomes more active in the super-consciousness, where we are increasingly aware of the directions of Truth.

As our center of choice becomes accustomed to the resources and power of the super-consciousness, our sense of identity increasingly shifts into this higher level.

And with our identity settled in our super-consciousness, yet still intimately associated with our mortal avatar, we begin to understand how we exist.

We come to understand and foresee that our personal existence can continue forever, as long as we are provided an avatar by the cosmic government to act on behalf of our personality.

For in the animation of our soul as the directing mind of our new avatar, our super-conscious identity is enabled again to interact with literal realities, that is, restored to life.

This is not remarkable. This is the way the universe works.

We are born to mature and develop increased awareness of the super-conscious, to build a soul.

And that soul is the essence of who we were as mortals—what good we attempted, what beauty we produced—the actual record of the power in our lives of embraced Truth, of the satisfaction of Love.

And as we continue to exist and experience and choose Truth as post mortals, our soul continues to grow as a record of our personal experiences.

Nothing is more essential to the upward transfer of identity consciousness than for the lower consciousness to trust and learn from the higher.

We learn this trust by experiencing the reality of joyful, cooperative engagement between the lower and higher mind, while the fundamental union is affirmed in shared joy.

Worshipful embrace of the erotic provides each of us with direct, personal affirmation of the joyful power that penetrates our being to the most basic level and results in salvation—the progressive transfer of self identity to the super-consciousness.

The process of salvation does not make us immortal—our immortality is a part of the natural path of experiential maturation throughout the universe.

The process of salvation increases our consciousness of our own potential immortality.

The individual levels of spiritual maturity recorded in our souls are carried onward intact, so that the positive aspects of personal growth are never lost and continue to accrue throughout our eternal adventure.

We all face vast distances to travel in preparing and perfecting ourselves for an unknown eternal destiny.

At every level we will find prepared for our experience a literal, physical mode for expression of interpersonal love, of worship of the inner power of spiritual joy.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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0.3 Find Your Salvation

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In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams proposed that the human quest for survival could be characterized in three stages:

  1. How shall we eat?
  2. What shall we eat?
  3. Where shall we have dinner?

Thus humanity has ascended Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In reality, however, there is one great need that transcends all the others—solving the mystery of deciding what to do at each occasion of choice in a human lifetime.

Human life is filled with dynamic selection of the values that contribute to choosing a specific course of action.

This is the one area of life in which what each person does directly affects what that person becomes.

Each person desires to achieve certain benefits for themselves, such as safety, peace, justice, freedom, etc.

Often enough, there will be conflicts between different possible results, with varying outcomes for different individuals and areas of personal development.

How can one make a good final choice? Where is relief from unending uncertainty?

For this purpose, humans seek salvation. Salvation is deliverance from personal uncertainty.

Our pastfathers (our so very limited so-called forefathers) thought of salvation as some form of deliverance from mortal death, from the breakdown of the biological avatar, the human body. Thus they failed to recognize the actual reality of their own potential salvation.

Salvation is not some grand thing that happens at death. Salvation is a daily experience of living that makes the individual increasingly conscious of their personal existence beyond the limits of the body.

Salvation is, in fact, the certainty of right action. Salvation is an understanding, a concurrence between the higher super-consciousness and the biological consciousness.

This super-consciousness is both self-aware and possessed of a vastly broader perspective than the brain alone.

It exists beyond the limits of the brain, with access to all relevant Truth.

When a person turns over the evaluation of a situation or a need to the super-conscious, the resulting inspiration guides one to the best realizable solutions.

When the biological mind accepts the insights offered by the super-consciousness, we experience deliverance from uncertainty—salvation. And this strengthens our ability to accept further insights.

With each such experience we become more acutely aware of the process by which conflict is resolved.

To avail ourselves of salvation we commit our biological will to integration with the will guidance available through our super-consciousness.

We commit ourselves to following the guidance of Truth in all that we do.

In time, as we reflect on options, an ideal path that expresses the values of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty will emerge, though it may be other than our prejudices might have anticipated.

We now act on our best insight, but only when we can feel that insight has matured, stabilized, and met all the tests of rightness.

Whatever the outcome, we will have done our best to do the best we could—and that is what really matters.

This allows peaceful and satisfied sleep.

Knowing this, and having experienced it on other occasions, one comes to have confidence in the reality of salvation.

Now is the time for humanity to recognize that salvation is at hand, that nothing but fear stands between a person and personal realization of salvation.

The most fundamental of all human fears to be overcome is erotophobia—the fear of the erotic, of physical expression of the power of Love, that denies one the enjoyment of Love.

Erotophobia precludes us from unifying sensual and spiritual experiences of Love.

Once we know and accept the erotic as the physical/sensory foundation of personal maturation, we will finally begin genuinely to love and serve our fellow humans.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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