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We tend to think of the erotic as an experience that is only important to us as living, biological beings, but nothing is further from the truth.

At all levels of universe experience, the erotic is the permanent and persistent foundation of personal growth in Love.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

When one comes to accepting one’s personal immortality, the individual faces the choice of eternity.

Right now on a conscious level, you can consider, understand, and sometimes grasp something of the nature of life for the awakened survivors of body death. You are capable also of envisioning the grandeur of the universe and the unstinting goodness of the cosmic government. The question is, once you begin to appreciate the experience of infinity, will you choose to do this forever?

The gift of eternal life carries with it an obligation to eternal service.

Survival, as always, depends on the consciousness and persistence of salvation (relief of uncertainty).

Is this is a matter that will only concern me after my body has died and my soul is resurrected to consciousness?


Once a personal sense of super-conscious immortality has developed, there is no reason not to take advantage of time remaining in the flesh to demonstrate and practice one’s understanding.

Perhaps one will be able to help others find their way to the light of inner Truth.

Perhaps one will become part of a joint cosmic/human endeavor.

Perhaps one will be inspired to new levels of creativity.

Perhaps one will be finally happy in the certainty of right action.

Were we all to live a thousand years we would only choose to live as long as we could make a contribution in line with our experience.

But even with bodies that might last so long, we might fear to exhaust the potentials for meaningful growth and experience on this planet.

Regardless of our choice, we will always have the personal experience of the erotic engagement of Love and Truth to nurture our spiritual growth.

Yet there is a much more immediate issue to be addressed.

Upon understanding that you are immortal and thus conclude that everybody else is too, whether they know it or not, how should /would you change your own behavior?

I cannot predict what changes this would induce in your life. The interacting factors are far too numerous.

In addition, since I would follow the personal guidance of Truth in real time, I cannot anticipate the actual action with any accuracy, for Truth bends logic and causation to the service of destiny.

But therein lies the obvious next question, “What’s next?”

Before we understood our own immortality, we sought salvation through living Truth.

Now we understand that living Truth IS the path of salvation, the road to immortality.

So the choice of immortality basically comes down to committing your personality to live the Truth FOREVER, based on a necessarily FINITE experience.

This is surely a leap of faith, to commit to exist forever.

Beyond this one can never choose to cease to exist and will be permanently and irrevocably immortal.

Yet we also know that this immortal existence will be one of great joy, grounded in the persistent experience of erotic worship.

From one level to the next, the path remains the same in principle—live the Truth and the rest will take care of itself.

Worship Love in all its manifestations and you will always find Truth.

But you must always be open minded to the exceptional, because Truth conforms neither to your prejudices nor your linear logic.

The driving biological force behind our consistent choice of living Truth is the sense of the erotic—of Love expressed in literal action.

As we embark on our eternal adventure, understanding our potential immortality, we understand that, as always, our every step may be grounded in erotic worship.

As we advance, we find new literal expressions of love, in which we worship the inner power of spiritual joy.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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