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In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams proposed that the human quest for survival could be characterized in three stages:

  1. How shall we eat?
  2. What shall we eat?
  3. Where shall we have dinner?

Thus humanity has ascended Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In reality, however, there is one great need that transcends all the others—solving the mystery of deciding what to do at each occasion of choice in a human lifetime.

Human life is filled with dynamic selection of the values that contribute to choosing a specific course of action.

This is the one area of life in which what each person does directly affects what that person becomes.

Each person desires to achieve certain benefits for themselves, such as safety, peace, justice, freedom, etc.

Often enough, there will be conflicts between different possible results, with varying outcomes for different individuals and areas of personal development.

How can one make a good final choice? Where is relief from unending uncertainty?

For this purpose, humans seek salvation. Salvation is deliverance from personal uncertainty.

Our pastfathers (our so very limited so-called forefathers) thought of salvation as some form of deliverance from mortal death, from the breakdown of the biological avatar, the human body. Thus they failed to recognize the actual reality of their own potential salvation.

Salvation is not some grand thing that happens at death. Salvation is a daily experience of living that makes the individual increasingly conscious of their personal existence beyond the limits of the body.

Salvation is, in fact, the certainty of right action. Salvation is an understanding, a concurrence between the higher super-consciousness and the biological consciousness.

This super-consciousness is both self-aware and possessed of a vastly broader perspective than the brain alone.

It exists beyond the limits of the brain, with access to all relevant Truth.

When a person turns over the evaluation of a situation or a need to the super-conscious, the resulting inspiration guides one to the best realizable solutions.

When the biological mind accepts the insights offered by the super-consciousness, we experience deliverance from uncertainty—salvation. And this strengthens our ability to accept further insights.

With each such experience we become more acutely aware of the process by which conflict is resolved.

To avail ourselves of salvation we commit our biological will to integration with the will guidance available through our super-consciousness.

We commit ourselves to following the guidance of Truth in all that we do.

In time, as we reflect on options, an ideal path that expresses the values of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty will emerge, though it may be other than our prejudices might have anticipated.

We now act on our best insight, but only when we can feel that insight has matured, stabilized, and met all the tests of rightness.

Whatever the outcome, we will have done our best to do the best we could—and that is what really matters.

This allows peaceful and satisfied sleep.

Knowing this, and having experienced it on other occasions, one comes to have confidence in the reality of salvation.

Now is the time for humanity to recognize that salvation is at hand, that nothing but fear stands between a person and personal realization of salvation.

The most fundamental of all human fears to be overcome is erotophobia—the fear of the erotic, of physical expression of the power of Love, that denies one the enjoyment of Love.

Erotophobia precludes us from unifying sensual and spiritual experiences of Love.

Once we know and accept the erotic as the physical/sensory foundation of personal maturation, we will finally begin genuinely to love and serve our fellow humans.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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