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0.2 On This Foundation

For more on A Course in Immortality... Click here for 0.1 Worship Erotic Joy También en español The cornerstone of a new faith has been laid—a new vision of human individual and social destiny comprising the emergence of a unity expressing harmonious divergence among its members. The foundation of this faith is the worship of Love in all its forms and expressions. What do we mean by worshiping Love? We begin by setting aside all preconceptions of what may or may not be acceptable forms of personal spiritual expression. For example, we may worship the expression of Love in the experience and response ...

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0.1 Worship Erotic Joy

For more on A Course in Immortality... Click here for 0.0 A Course in Immortality También en español The underlying fundamental absolute of the universe in which we live is the power we recognize in the desire to do good to others, which we properly name Love. Love is expressed in and bestowed upon every level of universe reality, from the most perfected, absolute, or final, to the most primitive human-like person able to make moral decisions. Love is expressed and perceived differently at each level of progressive maturation and perfection, in a manner uniquely significant and appealing to the esthetics and ...

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0.0 A Course in Immortality

For more on A Course in Immortality... También en Español VenusPlusX initiates a special series of short articles that will explain how anyone can develop personal consciousness of their true transhuman immortality. Many of the longer articles in our continuing series on Transhuman Erotic Freedom have dealt with aspects of this powerful opportunity for service and growth. We have highlighted issues of personal and social belief and action that reinforce our intergender interpretation of human erotic behavior. This new series today is an explicit, prescriptive guide to navigating the paths of individual and collective erotic destiny. These prescriptions ...

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