0.0 A Course in Immortality

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También en Español VenusPlusX initiates a special series of short articles that will explain how anyone can develop personal consciousness of their true transhuman immortality.

Many of the longer articles in our continuing series on Transhuman Erotic Freedom have dealt with aspects of this powerful opportunity for service and growth.

We have highlighted issues of personal and social belief and action that reinforce our intergender interpretation of human erotic behavior.

This new series today is an explicit, prescriptive guide to navigating the paths of individual and collective erotic destiny.

These prescriptions are based on examining and integrating rational human knowledge and understanding effective mental and spiritual technologies.

“Reverse engineering” the process can explain how personal immortality comes to be, can provide motivation to engage confidently the process, and show us what to expect.

Reverse engineering is the technique of analyzing a product or process to determine exactly how it works and why it is designed to work a certain way.

The benefit of reverse engineering is that, if you understand how a system is put together and works, what principles are involved in its operation, you can use it more intelligently, as well as potentially improve its operation or repurpose it.

Although manufacturers generally try to discourage reverse engineering of products in which they have a proprietary intellectual interest, no such conflict exists with the cosmic government of the universe.

Spiritual technology is something quite different from proprietary products and processes—it is a gift of Love to humankind.

We know, or think we know, a great deal about faith, even lack of faith, as an experience, but those insights portray imagined products of spiritual development without providing any convincing explanation of the how or why.

These articles are meant to correct that misunderstanding.

We believe based on our own and observed experience that, if you understand how spiritual growth technology actually works in the universe, you will be more willing and able to participate in the important work ahead of us as a global society.

We will start by presenting the results of reverse engineering of the spiritual life—of the experience of personal salvation and immortality.

We will explain how each person can enter and traverse successive circles of super conscious (psychic) understanding.

We will ground this experience in the rational extrapolation of erotic joy in human experience.

We will show you how this leads to the knowledge of personal immortality, to a life of action in service to your fellow humans, and to personal survival of super consciousness from avatar death.

We will explain the purposes of the universe as they relate to human beings.

We will explore ramifications of the cosmic government.

We will prepare you to become a part of the greatest adventure in all Earth’s history.

Hand in hand with our cosmic associates, and through your personal engagement and support, we will partake in the successful reformation of human society.

Let 2012 be the year the social order is reformed.

Let 2012 be the year in which humankind discovers the worship of erotic joy.

Let 2012 be the year our worldwide family rejoins the great universe of Love.

In time, our embrace of erotic fellowship will grow and amplify our desire and ability to genuinely love and serve others.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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