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The cornerstone of a new faith has been laid—a new vision of human individual and social destiny comprising the emergence of a unity expressing harmonious divergence among its members.

The foundation of this faith is the worship of Love in all its forms and expressions.

What do we mean by worshiping Love?

We begin by setting aside all preconceptions of what may or may not be acceptable forms of personal spiritual expression.

For example, we may worship the expression of Love in the experience and response of a sex partner.

Or, if alone, we may worship that power which converts simple, repetitive self-stimulation into an explosion of erotic joy in glorious orgasm.

And what do we worship?

We worship the inner “live wire” of the experience, the power that provides the essential climax that lifts consciousness of the event far above mundane everyday senses.

When we rightly worship this powerful penetration of our human consciousness by the dildo of Love, we then re-align our own system of personal choice and behavior closer to a pattern of Love.

And this pattern of Love sends a signal that resonates within our own self to affirm the direction of our personal shifts in consciousness.

Though we do not sense it at the time, the cumulative effect of these small advances of our personal expression in the direction of Love reinforces the power of Truth to direct our growth.

We do not exclusively worship erotic experience.

We worship all expressions of Love that we are capable of comprehending.

But we will always revert to the erotic senses as the simplest, most direct, solid foundation of our personal relationship to Love and Truth.

As we progress in understanding of Truth, we act in accordance with our advancing understanding of the manifold expressions of Love.

And each accomplished action reinforces our understanding of and commitment to the living guidance of Truth.

This experience is what is meant by “Living the Truth.” Or “Living your Truth.”

It has nothing to do with what you believe to be true about yourself and the world around you and everything to do with how you participate in and contribute to the world around you.

In the final analysis, Love is the desire to do good to others.

Truth is the gift of Love, and by living Truth we are able to do Good and create the harmonies of Beauty, satisfying the desires of Love.

Through manifold acts of sharing and cooperation, we will come to universal understanding of shared love with our fellow beings.

Individuals are seedling personalities, unaware of the great destiny which awaits each of us as fully developed beings.

We continually create and learn from this form of “super-consciousness,” a consciousness of self operating one level higher than conscious mind, to control our actions in our own, uniquely personal way.

From the chrysalis of flesh, our consciousness is freed to advance to our individual supreme and final destinies beyond mortality.

We begin to see our future in a near eternity of universe experience as maturing immortals, finally able to command the supreme powers of creation ourselves.

The time has come for humanity to cast aside its fears of demons and its lust for gods, accepting and rejoicing in the reality that the lowest rung on the ladder of personal spiritual growth, the one true “stairway to heaven” is open and accessible to all who will accept the full gift of Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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