0.7 What Will My Life Be Like?

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The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Through increasingly wise worship of the power of erotic joy you have been saved from uncertainty, apprised of your immortality, and harmonized with the absolute realities of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Compared to the lives of the unloving, who labor in erotic darkness, such a life will be exalting, inspiring, beneficial, and glorious, for it recognizes and adores joy as the divine gift that gives life its purpose.

You will gradually experience vitological integration with the cosmos as you grow spiritually, experiencing how your super-consciousness naturally works in harmony of purpose and action with all other consciousnesses.

Fear and doubt are erased from your life experience by the overwhelming power of erotic joy, attracting and harmonizing each part of your full person.

You are learning to perceive the harmonies of supreme existence and to join your actions in their creation.

The certainty of your actions, overriding personal prejudice and bias, motivates you further to understand the Truth of each occasion.

Always acting in the light of joy that flows from worshipful erotic engagement, you come to embrace the force of destiny engaging your experience.

Because you have chosen to live the Truth in every occasion and to set aside your personal desires in favor of the higher good, you grow to experience your choice or action as the circumstantial ideal, given the burden of history, the limitations of reality, and the force of destiny.

So it transpires that your experience of true and effective action powered by erotic joy reinforces your sense of personal salvation from uncertainty, further illuminating your vision of life eternal.

The power of erotic joy further enables you to joyously embrace the obligations of an endless life, both socially and individually.

In human social intercourse you experience the sharing of living Truth.

You will choose to unite with others in the worship of erotic joy as you experience the sharing of living Truth.

Worship affirms Truth and enlightens all your erotic experiences through an eternity of ever-heightened joy.

Know with the certainty of enlightened experience that you are guided to walk in the paths of joyful destiny and that whatever you do makes a difference.

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The basic process in taking each step remains the same, but we become progressively more practiced in its execution.

Worship Love in all its manifestations and you will always find Truth.

At each level of development, worship of erotic joy provides a way to express Love through literal action.

Along your path you will find and learn to appreciate new literal expressions of love, in which you worship the inner power of spiritual joy, while you also grow in understanding.

The erotic is the universal foundation of personal growth in Love.

Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.

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