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Today Autumn Sandeen posted a wonderful comment on Pam’s House Blend, “Why Transgender Activism“. There’s no question mark at the end of the title, so we understand this is not asking the question, but answering it, and a fine answer it is. Basically, Autumn explains very clearly the dynamics which cause certain affinity groups of variant but related personalities to develop a broadened identity and serve as “umbrella” groups for a wide range of personal types. In particular, Autumn argues for the obvious need in the transgender community to have a broad umbrella group, accepting to all who will associate in the name of activism.

As it turns out, a month or so ago we wrote a small paper entitled “Why We Are All Transgender“, explaining why the transgender community is the final and complete activist umbrella for the union of all sexual freedom issues. This is true because the kind of personal expression we think of as transgender is the norm to which the human spirit is attuned and towards which the human advances with increasing age and wisdom. Androgyny is the norm for the transhuman superconsciousness that determines individual destiny. We will be talking more about universal androgyny in the near future.                               –Dan Massey

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